The next Carolina receiver? He wants to be here! #KelvinBenjamin #CarolinaPanthers #PantherNation #KeepPounding
  • xthatcarolinakidxThe next Carolina receiver? He wants to be here! #KelvinBenjamin #CarolinaPanthers #PantherNation #KeepPounding

  • here_a_championYes
  • ck_kevlar155I thought we were going to get that guy from Oregon?
  • xthatcarolinakidx@ck_kevlar155 We might get him. I honestly don't know who we'll get.
  • ck_kevlar155That dude from Oregon is the fastest receiver at the combine. I don't think he will be around when we get our pic
  • xthatcarolinakidx@ck_kevlar155 Yeah. He might still be, but I just hope we get a good playmaker that can score and this guy can make plays anywhere on the field especially in the redzone.
  • mrsjennhinson@brett_the_hitman89 I want him with us!!! He's gonna b big and make a big impact wherever he goes, and I sure hope he's still available at our pick!!
  • djukedu88@ck_kevlar155 Your thinking of deanthony thomas and actually dri archer had a faster 40 time but I will agree deanthony has a smooth motion run on the field
  • djukedu88As panther fans honestly we need to hope if we dont trade up for earlier picks then hope houston picks jadeveon clowney because that will leave qbs for the rams an jags thus moving many wr down torward our 28th pick.
  • ck_kevlar155@djukedu88 I was talking about cooks
  • vrjunIs that really benjamin? I dont think he'll fall too 28
  • e4sley89I'm not worried at all of who we pick num it sure will be a wr they have alot on their plate so they better make the smartest decision on are needs on the team n right now we need ginn n take back what they said about smitty I'm fired up about that I see cooks falling to us rather then k.b but who knows we have no wr core what wr wouldn't want to be in carolina haha
  • bosswang009Is he from the carolinas
  • _fresh85welcome
  • lgviiCan you...see the future?
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