• vava_doll@hotterthanjuly
  • wingchunblackdragonThank you for keeping it real!!! My family and I wanted to move to ft Greene and Williamsburg but the rent is outrage!! Downtown Brooklyn is starting to look like Harlem...ALL WHITE
  • heathershotyouNo such thing as "reverse racism" Racism is a power structure that was created to destroy, control, eliminate a group of people based on difference such as i.e. Skin color i.e. Texture of hair... And the list goes on. If you don't understand google oppression and oppressed. Right on @sheltonjlee for telling it like it is ✌️
  • checholito@sheltonjlee see what you started? That's awesome!!!
  • pattyj7word
  • poshhead_briiiHello. Please check for my tweets on ur twitter and Email me. Brianna_horton@my.hnu.edu thank you.
  • pippiwrongstockingI absolutely appreciate and respect what you said about gentrification. And as always when a black person speaks candidly about white privilege here come the spin doctors throwing out every adjective to undermine & discredit you. They're calling this a rant so now ppl should just dismiss the statements as facts
  • spikes_rightSpike's Right.
  • bk_knickschicksGame time baby
  • faithb60Appreciate you
  • dearmrjackGentrification = present day redlining. Since our society is based largely on money and class there is no real fix. Alls the newcomers can do is be humble and informed while providing respect. I do hate (strong word) the ones that have mommy and daddy pay. Sh!t prices skyrocketed here in the south bronx, but these "newcomers" are still scared and say awful things about a place they do not know. Maybe that's a blessing in disguise. Keep up the fight #nyc but stay positive for we mustn't loose. @sheltonjlee respect.
  • amberrandall82I was there that evening and I thought it was an amazing speech. You are preaching the absolute truth.
  • exquisite_view
  • aristocracy_luxrealestateI've reached out to u with of course no response
  • aristocracy_luxrealestatePpl what r u doing for ur community!!!!! Are u buying house to keep the culture alive!!!!! Or are u blaming these investors for coming in & buying the property
  • aristocracy_luxrealestateI'm doing a credit & financial seminar March 6 from 6-9pm 1440 flatbush Ave. How much of y'all will come out & see how to own property, fix or improve credit or start saving
  • aristocracy_luxrealestateInvest in your community. Invest in a social & economical change. Invest in you & your families future. Support the progression of financial literacy.
  • armcore242That's pretty damn funny.
  • mastapeas@sheltonjlee ok now I'm getting this..
  • j_sassiGod Damn Elephants! Moving in again.
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