• lupefiascoAND FOR THE STREETS... #DROGAS

  • bullittirezumithejediYess!!! #goat
  • m31peteI only listened to half of it then I had to turn it off and play some mean and vicious. I'm thinking maybe the label forced this out or that maybe he's trying to scoop up some new fans for his new album but there's that slim chance that maybe he sold out. I really hope he proves me wrong with his new singles and his album. Also I have to remember this isn't gonna be on his album so maybe he's just fooling around or maybe I don't understand the song. I hope so. (Also I'm not hating on lupe, him, guru, and nas are by far my favorite artists I'm just not feeling this song)
  • rell_suitedHe told ya the next album will be mainstream. I only listen to his albums as a whole. He does a great job with album concepts. I only hope he flips the end of this new album the same way he flipped the end of The Science Project freestyle
  • strujillo09@rell_suited Hell yea he killed it on that track...SWITCH!!
  • oregonfiascoNot sure why you are quoting lyrics on a photo...but at least don't quote wrong ones. 👎 @air_turkey. Awful attempt.
  • aarondreamsMe and @ron_ahmad want to lick ur ear bro lik seriusly the frogs come when ur ears r to the streets chocolate u muffin o
  • ajdaughteryThe street will 3known or will not because they party too fucking much @l @lupefiasco
  • realruby2014What's with all the white men? Did they write this song or something?
  • hamid_holloman@lupefiasco how can I get you a custom handmade coat!?
  • ado_b94@lupefiasco been a fan since I was a youngin lupe! Come to san Marcos soon bro
  • livferroPost a pic of meeeee!!
  • sayyadooCheck this joint out it go crazy!!!
  • smootheblackmon_hogHow do you condemn chief keef for his lyrics and lifestyle, but do a song and buddy up with Rondanumbanine? @lupefiasco big contradiction
  • mo3nvy@mastah_bruuuce Bro lupe is a pretty smart guy I'm sure he didn't condemn per say long story short he pointed out flaw in his lifestyle
  • bmorerealisticYo Lupe a genious
  • it
  • mikes0823🔥
  • 1lluminat3Watch my only post using your song
  • flaconfidential@dunfinius
  • queeniehandz2blsdThis movie was wild 3000s
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