Founded in 1911, the Oxford Picture Palace (as it was then known) has been closed, reopened, refurbished and renamed many times in its long and enduring history. Like many of the oldest running cinemas in Europe, the staying power of the Ultimate Picture Palace stands as a testament to our love for film.

Whether it's Berlin's modernist Kino International—built in the 1960s, hosting premieres until the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 and now home to the Berlinale Film Festival—or Edinburgh's 1914 Cameo (@thecameocinema) with its terrazzo floor and original ticket kiosks, some of Europe's oldest cinemas are filled with undoubtable charm. Over the last three years, Instagrammers across Europe have been capturing these great veterans of the celluloid medium.

To view more photos and videos from some of Europe's oldest cinemas, visit, browse the #cinematreasures hashtag and tap the blue location text above.

Photo by @heathergat
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