• meeetraaaPakistan Series #2014
  • meeetraaa#cnnwomensmonth
  • remmyboisDaadi :')
  • adnibats16???
  • cnnRemember to finish the sentence "This is ______. She taught me ________."
  • meeetraaa@cnn This is my grandmother. She's in Pakistan and had one breast removed after cancer. Her husband past away 9 years ago. She still looks out the window at the sun everyday. Puts henna on her fingernails. She taught me the strength it takes to let go, and that pain and suffering simplify life as you grow older.
  • cnnireportThis is lovely - thank you! Mind emailing iReport producer daphne.sashin@turner.com with some more details? (Your name, your grandmother's name, and a little more about your relationship and why you chose her to feature)
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