The @underarmour #SpeedForm Apollo hits on Friday in a nice selection of colorways.
  • finishlineThe @underarmour #SpeedForm Apollo hits on Friday in a nice selection of colorways.

  • richyrene87@pam_reyes87
  • mikedmccullougheverybody tryna copy @Nike and the Roshe Runs so hard
  • _anna19_89@berto1029 if it was in the lime green ahhhh!!!
  • a_rickard18This is absolutely nothing like the roshe ...? It's a long distance running shoe. @mikedmccullough
  • soletightRosh run mixed with jordan 11 future
  • mikedmccullough@a_rickard18 I'm saying brands like Reebok with the 'Z quick' and UA with the speed form are trying to copy the same style. like when Nike launched free runs UA came out with Spine
  • a_rickard18Ummm the spine is nothing like the free . The free is minimalistic while the spine actually has a cushioning system that disperses shock throughout the shoe. The Apollo also has a support system built into the heel and the forefoot so also nothing like the free. @mikedmccullough
  • mikedmccullough@a_rickard18 I understand where you're coming from, you're coming from a running feel perspective and how the shoe is built. you're correct about the support system. all I'm saying is by the LOOK of the shoe, they're a lot like the Roshe runs. from a style standpoint and someone who wears the shoes purely for the look, Nike is coming out with everything first and other brands are trying to replicate the LOOK
  • a_rickard18@mikedmccullough it's a seamless upper ? People have done that for 20+ years to shoes. It's not a mesh upper like the roshe, it's more like adidas techfit style if anything. Also the roshe looks exactly like a lot of shoes from the 80s as 90s. Look up the nike flow.
  • mikedmcculloughI think we can agree Roshes > speed form. Roshes aren't used as much for running as they are for style.
  • mmaia23πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
  • jaysonkishAre these supposed to be a joke?
  • gargusNaah! Agree cannot compare this speed form w/ roshe .. Its totally different way of concept
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