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  • gmbfitnessGoing back to the basics and working on my Frogger today.

  • ikfongNeat! @rgpage
  • drudangI noticed in the first 'step' your feet are next to your hands but each subsequent step they are further behind. By design?
  • xkbirdxDid my practice of this today, one day I'll be smooth like you! Enjoying the process.
  • gmbfitnessDrudang, the quick answer is, Yes! :)
  • jeromeoneillTried the frogger to handstand for the first time today and I got into a handstand with it a couple of times which I could never do by just kicking up into one. It's a great way to get into a handstand.
  • pierrecalisthenicsGreat way to do it
  • squidgey84@pusrat @missaussiediva this
  • pjriego@aikiluis progresiones
  • supersajan_movementI see
  • 2kapturemeI'm having pain in my lt. Shoulder and undergoing therapy. I was told I have nerve damage on one side. I also am dx'd with multiple sclerosis which sometimes causes dizzyness. I've been practicing yoga for five years and am a very determined person. Would you recommend I try the wonderful routine that you'ved described that seems really good or should I just wait until I'm done with therapy?
  • johnmduggan@tinabigtuna
  • tinabigtuna@jackieerichh leap frog today?
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