Tune in Monday March 3rd for @Bachelorabc  #WomenTellAll with @chrisbharrison you DON'T want to miss this ABC 8/7c 🌹🌹
  • thebachelortvTune in Monday March 3rd for @Bachelorabc #WomenTellAll with @chrisbharrison you DON'T want to miss this ABC 8/7c 🌹🌹

  • lulub09The most dramatic...?
  • sonrisamilHello
    A Greetings
    my love, Venezuela.
    this spectacular programme, but wonder
    I want to know the maiden name or single contest
    I can participate by people DEAF INTERNACIONAL,
    At what age?
    I await your answer
  • mercynorcisaThe last show was so ??? !!! I think Chris Harrison came across awful trying to force Juan Pablo to say something he did not want to say and honestly does NOT have to say. Not everyone falls in love the same way or at the same speed. I'm sure that falling in love on the show does not feel real to many participants. Let he and Nicky develop their relationship whichever way they want. Let them be. And BTW, I think Juan Pablo is a jerk, but not because he did not say he loved Nicky or any of the other girls. If he didn't feel he loved any of them, he shouldn't have to say it.
  • briicervantesI think Juan Pablo went on a show full of women that did not fit him. I'm not defending his lies and his disrespect but Latino men are very different from American men... ESPECIALLY Venezuelans. These girls were so caught up on his looks they never stood there ground. And if you notice, the only woman that ever really caught his attention was Sharleen and it was because she played hard to get and she was strong. Latino men will go as far as girls let them that's why he became so out of control... These girls never were strong and he just became more and more cabrón. I know this because my boyfriend is Venezuelan and I'm Latina and I know that if I'm not strong with him he will walk all over me and be uninterested. It's the same with Juan Pablo. He needs a woman to put him in his place, him and every Hispanic man. There is a reason why Latino guys and Latino girls always end up together....We are different from the rest of the world and we know how to handle each other. I don't think Juan Pablo is a bad guy, I just think he needs to find the right girl.
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