Finish your week strong.
  • lululemonFinish your week strong.

  • majestictiffOoops..Skin and bones. Hehe
  • simone.gadientWhere can u get lululemon stuff?? @danaflorence
  • delaurentiis22Uhmmmmmmm. HI THERE.
  • michellenellaThat's not skin and bone! His arms are looking strong and that's his back! And nice muscle def on his calves:) some people are just too jealous at others determination when miserable with them selve.... Kinda sad 😥 hope you one day can feel good bout your own physique than feel good about criticizing others on their hard work😉
  • fnchickHot
  • caitlynbell@mackenziebrenneman this is who you should probably date
  • julessclairI think he is hot! There is nothing more attractive than someone sweating it out and killing their workout!
  • nat.newbsTall, sweaty and athletic my type 100%
  • majestictiffI'm allowed to like dyversity. Teenage boy bodies are not for everyone. I'm just saying post pics that display men with manly bodies that work out also.
  • majestictiffSkin and bones does and looking like you need to eat is not attractive to everyone. It would not hurt to show eye thick and fit eye candy that would be motivating too.
  • majestictifffyi...I work out hard to stay thick and fit and I like my men to also. I do my best to avoid being skinny and sick looking.
  • markie_wickard@majestictiff that's called being fit. Lol
  • majestictiff@markiewickard3 lol! I never said he was not fit. I said he is boney aka skinny. It's unattractive. To be that thin does not take much effort to look "fit". I like a more masculine looking fit man. Sorry. Just my opinion.
  • bobbyjahn@majestictiff you cannot possibly have enough information to know how much effort it takes him to look that way.
  • elyssa_rayLook it's you in your future lulu lemon outfit baby 😉😘 @conner_orrick
  • conner_orrick@elyssa_rayy5 oh goodness 😉
  • nicolejameson@jakewit
  • spicyredtuna@stopdontclick
  • holmesmatthewMake mid calf high socks for men to wear to the gym @lululemon
  • laurynneedham@marotta_2
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