Throw your diamonds in the sky. 📷: @thelightatdusk #gsom #instagramfavorites
  • pacsunThrow your diamonds in the sky. 📷: @thelightatdusk #gsom #instagramfavorites

  • play.boy.mikeIlluminati fag @pacsun
  • rq.laurenOmg haha @XML ikewazowskixxo
  • jt3livesDo y'all not have a life other than commenting "illuminati" on people's pics?????
  • misaaraiiI honestly dont know why ppl like these symbols. They're ugly #killilluminati
  • averell_neelyJesus bless there souls
  • everything_90Nice view
  • griffinmccuneHatters gonna hate. @laoindolack
  • kaltrinapacukuThrow your illuminates in the sky lmao dumb...
  • kaylanicoleellis@michellew31_
  • zizialmazidiThrow your devil worshiping sign in the sky! fooling with people's brain telling them that's just a diamond!! And that ALL celebs fav shape is that shape! How strange and creepy :) THINK!
  • _insleepiac_Stop saying "Illuminati" every time you see a triangle. It's just a freakin triangle. Stupid!!
  • khloer5Illuminati
  • chicagothecityOmg if their illuminati jus lettam be illuminati there not gonna change jus cuz you say stop nd it's a triangle not a dimond 😂😩 !!!......
  • _insleepiac_@veronikabeckham who says the triangle means "Illuminati"?? Exactly What I said, every time someone sees a triangle they think that. I'm not saying that it never means that but a triangle doesn't always mean Illuminati. In elementary school did your teachers say "another name for a triangle is the sign for illuminati"?? No they just said "triangle". A triangle used to mean "triangle" not "Illuminati". But yet that's what everyone says these when they see one. And you never kno....someone could love that shape. And NOT because they believe in that crap. And you're right, everything does have a meaning. But it's not always ILLUMINATI!!
  • editdone2@_lamtialashay you have no idea okay the whole classroom thing makes sence but when it comes to companys and the entertainment industry its not a coincidence that most people use the triangle in some way and its not a coincidence that some songs by the people who use the triangle have double meanings just watch a video on youtube and u will understand im only 14 and like ya lol
  • maanda.aThats a triangle
  • benjamindieterle@gutiarez thats right!
  • mischnixIlluminati
  • yvetteromero.rYall are dumb
  • daviowop8444She's Illuminati Confirmed
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