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  • jaclauritaNicholas loves his @jamminJennNJ

  • cecylia2815xoxo
  • newthrillztears*** I have 2 boys with autism. I love this. Thank you for sharing.
  • yv1277That was so cute! My youngest Daughter has Speech delay, & I cry knowing this & I worry so much. Do you have moments?
  • jkj062510Wow! He is doing so well! Can't wait for housewives to start! You inspire me Jacqulyn!
  • gemini__32How beautiful!! Love to see nicks progress god bless
  • jenn_vizHow sweet.
  • crever87She is great!! Love seeing Nick doing so well ☺️
  • tn0bsThank you for sharing these videos!
  • sweetchefWonderful! Your family mist feel fantastic!!! One day at a time!!!
  • annefee808She is so awesome!! Nick is so lucky to be able to work with her!
  • tammylynnwatsI am so happy for you and your family. Nick is such a cute kid. Your doing a terrific job Jacqueline.. ♡ ♡ God.Bless you and your family. .
  • maria_b78How awesome!!! Who is she?
  • moosita8101God bless him!
  • andraca17Awww God bless him! ♥♥
  • leslie_edwardsGod bless her and you're beautiful son! So sweet.
  • brooklynniamOh my goodness I just love him!!!!!!! Sweetest boy ever!!!!!!
  • sunshine631Your son is blessed to be able to have this particular therapist. If only ALL children with Autism had the financial means to be able to afford her... At $500 for 1/2 hour session for 4 weeks and that's not even sessions with her but with her apprentices
  • lettynilsenOmg he truly melts my heart... Sweet boy
  • mizzrinababii@dylan2ava
  • sunisinmyeyes@sunshine631 sometimes insurance covers it but you sound mad I wouldn't be let's be happy for her
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