We had a very special guest @petsmart headquarters today! What are your favorite @marthastewart pet products?
  • petsmartWe had a very special guest @petsmart headquarters today! What are your favorite @marthastewart pet products?

  • caseylynnn21Collars suck...and everything else is over priced...
  • kirbytheiggy@marthastewart @petsmart I can't get enough of the gentle play vibrating toys! I hope you came out with more in the future!!! 🐢
  • allearsdownhereJust got the #cat bed shaped like a fish and my dog decided she loves it! Lol
  • brandi75yogiNone. The clothes aren't big enough for my dog and the toys aren't durable enough.
  • jmsheehan14My shihtzu Tyger is LIVING in her tan bomber jacket. It's keeping her super warm and stylish this exceptionally cold winter!
  • lucy_the_corgidorI want cat clothes please. But the toys are great
  • rockodoodI use the Natural Puppy Wipes after bathroom breaks...I'm almost out, send me another pack 😉
  • munkeebabyAbsolutely love the blue and pink octopus toy! It's my baby's favourite! We've had to buy a second one already. Also love the grey collar with the purple flower but I lost it. Unfortunately, Martha's brand pee pads aren't leak free like they claim on the packaging.
  • elizahatesshoes@petsmart my black lab/GSP, Cody, LOVES Martha Stewart's Crinkle and Squeak Raccoon!!! It was the first toy I gave him when I adopted him at 6 months. He has learned how to play tug with it and he tries sharing it through the fence with the neighbor dogs! We're on our THIRD one. I wouldn't say it's not durable, we get pretty into our games of tug. He loves it even when it's headless. ☺️ I wish they were still sold in stores.
  • tslbondThe car harness is our favorite! My 1-year-old pup, Sutton, just graduated to the medium size. We love that it is a walking harness and a seat belt. The padded chest pad. loop and clip come in handy! When I take it out, Sutton knows it's time to leave and "helps" me put it on her. Definitely a favorite!
  • natasha_sunshineThe new sifting cat litter box. And all the doggy toys.
  • hbdawgg1@petsmart loving the new circus products!! Such cute seasonal colors and leashes, #lunahbyrd always looks trendy with her @marthastewart garb (:
  • keepersofthecatsCatnip mice! My Vinnie can't have enough of them.
  • savagepuggleI have a cute doggie dress from her and a fishy toy
  • busterb_njMartha's clothes always fit me best! Thank you for carrying her line!
  • gummylove_xoxox@caseylynnn21 yeah I mean all the Martha Stewart stuff cost like extremely a lot the only thing tht was on clearance was the bows lol I mean like for one shirt or something cost like 24.00$ even for a small
  • collin_the_hamsterI love petsmart😍😍😍
  • madeline_alyceJust got my babies two new bowls from her line! ♡
  • dread.red.kroovyI love the bow tie collars! I have a pup that comes in to training class, a French bulldog named Henry and he looks oh so handsome!
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