Have you taken advantage of National Training Month like Aspen? #dogtraining
  • petsmartHave you taken advantage of National Training Month like Aspen? #dogtraining

  • daisymaehamboneDaisy just graduated from Advanced training. The techniques definitely work. Our trainer Ashley was great.
  • b_wack_attackYah Duke did that to
  • eljuan0067@_alejandra_x3 you should take max here
  • eljuan0067@petsmartpooches do you adress agressive dog beheviors
  • eljuan0067What kind of training do you provide? @petsmartpooches
  • not_coming_back_bye@ashmash32 oh that's great. It's cuz I bought a 2 year old english bull terrier yesterday and he's pretty dominant today he tried to attack my little dog but my little dog kinda caused the hole attack but the guy I got him for said he dislikes males.
  • not_coming_back_bye@ashmash32 so do u think they could fix the dominance behavior ?
  • macktheyorkieYes I have @petsmart
  • katie_perkins_How much does it cost to train a dog @petsmart ?
  • renzomacabreMy Mr. Brightside has graduated from intermediate class! He's a good boy.
  • chelseajoslank@kati3_p3rkins &109.00 for a 6 week class. Classes are once a week for an hour for 6 weeks. You can choose from puppy, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. There are also private one on one classes as well!
  • savannahbanana.gramMy dog is deaf and it's difficult to accommodate to her for most. What would you recommend?
  • petsmartpooches@eljuan0067 depending on the Petsmart near you, we do work on dog reactivity within private lessons. contact your nearest Petsmart and ask to speak to the trainer and see if they work with aggressive issues. At our Petsmart we do, by using 100% positive reinforcement.
  • petsmartpooches@eljuan0067 for aggressive behaviors or any behavioral adjustment training we use what is called counter conditioning, which means changing the dog's initial or emotional response to the trigger.
  • petsmartpooches@renzomacabre congrats! See if you're ready to continue to Advanced to complete the CGC test! It's a great accomplishment
  • petsmartpooches@whoathatsjessie I would recommend using hand signals for all of her obedience training. We have also used laser pointers to get a deaf dog to follow commands as well. You can call your local Petsmart to see if their trainer is able to work with you and your dog. We recommend only using positive reinforcement for training.
  • petsmartpooches@rex_blanca their training can definitely help curb that behavior and get your dog to listen to you properly. Make sure both makes are neutered as well, two Un neutered males in one house is never recommended. Contact your local Petsmart and see if they can address your issue in either private or group classes.
  • paisleyturtle@petsmart due to your policy about not allowing deaf dogs into your classes, my two double Merle deaf Aussies and my other two dogs will no longer be shopping in your store. We are there at least once a week, but no longer. The reason given in the press was you cannot call a deaf dog to break up a fight, well I don't really think calling a dogs name will break up a fight. This is so disappointing to me this discrimination saddens me.
  • shelovesairjordanHow cute :]
  • paula_prasetyaSuper cute ...
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