Celebrating the #DAYS pick-up!! With .@laurenkoslow & .@kjalfonso .@nbcdays yay!!
  • alisweeneyCelebrating the #DAYS pick-up!! With .@laurenkoslow & .@kjalfonso .@nbcdays yay!!

  • shellyannramYou can't leave days @ali_sweeney !!!! 😩😩😩
  • edimartino1I'm so sad that you're leaving Days. We're the same age. I feel like we grew up everyday together. :) @ali_sweeney
  • caralwestPlease don't leave @ali_ sweeney
  • tonyalakDays of Our Lives is my quiet time because it allows me to escape from real life for a short hour. The cast has become so familiar to me and a real comfort. I appreciate the actors of Days.....Yes it is odd that the audience sees you every day for 21 years ( more than our real life relatives) and yet you have no idea who is watching and how much we adore you. Alison Please know how much I will miss you I'm so sad. 💦
  • gienexCongrats Days!! But I don't know if I'll be able to watch anymore without Sami. 😢
  • deecola_77#lovedays
  • paulst9060Please do not leave us
  • paulabuffaliniI have been watching Days since I was in the womb. Over 30 years. This show has been a constant in my life and Sami, you are the best part of the show!! Period! I don't know if you read these but I wish you the best of luck in your new adventures. Please know how much you will be missed and how much you are loved. A captivating actress for sure!! God bless.
  • walk4cfI have been watching days of our lives for 37 years my grandparents started me watching days am I haven't stopped. They would take the phone of the hook so no one could bother them during the hour long show. My kids are watching it with me now.
  • nmshirley74Love Days......I have watched for about 30 years.
  • meggerz11@lorizacher
  • kpandoliIncrease her pay don't let her go she makes days; ((
  • runway227So in love with your earrings tonight on BL finale @ali_sweeney! Where can I find them???
  • evie.skelleyWatching the finale you look so beautiful @ali_sweeney
  • chubkempYou looked awesome at the finale!
  • cassanomahaI honestly tested up when you announced you were leaving!!! Don't go!!! :'(
  • mackenzee_26OMG my mom LOVES DAYS OF OUR LIFES she never stops talking about it!!!!! Biggest fan!!!
  • emma_north_coolNice cake
  • ahmadallouzFor ever!!
  • patriciam49My favorite show for sure
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