It happened. #walkingdead #atlanta #snow #emergency #snowjam #2014
  • cleggableIt happened. #walkingdead #atlanta #snow #emergency #snowjam #2014

  • formingsupernovaYour photo made it to Buzzfeed!
  • cleggable@formingsupernova that's cool. I didn't take this photo though. Not sure who did. Saw it on Facebook.
  • mrs._djhThis is upstate Ny everyday please and still go to work.
  • buiveThis is so amazing! Greetings from Lithuania, this picture was posted in Lithuanian news portal - :D amazing!
  • mkpraisner@cmpraisner99 figured you'd like this
  • cleggable@daciajones321 I understand. I am actually from the north living here. But this is not what you are thinking. The roads were not treated and we do not have snow chains in our local stores people and children were in this. I abandoned my car and walked to safety. I still have frost bite. Have some respect.
  • cleggable@buive wow. It was bad enough to make world news. I sure hope our city buys done salt next time.
  • cleggableFor those of you thinking it is " the drivers" fault. Or "stupid southerners " you are wrong. READ.
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