It's here!!! Have you gotten yours? Insta @maurices #Denimobsessed 😍
  • mauricesIt's here!!! Have you gotten yours? Insta @maurices #Denimobsessed 😍

  • brittany.raeYesterday!! I always end up using mine 😁
  • jocelyn_loves_rosesIs there an online code? I don't have a local store because this country blows.
  • mrosenbeck12No I haven't...haven't gotten any coupons in months. Associates checked the computer to make sure address is correct which it was but still no coupons!
  • erin_ecbNo coupons for me in FOREVER :((((
  • liz1315Same. I never get coupons and all my info is accurate
  • sidneyrayeI haven't ever gotten coupons.. :(
  • superstar1981@burris_erin @liz1315 @sidneyraye Hi ladies just go in ur local store and let the associates know and they should honor u the coupon :) At least that's what I do for my customers! Do u have ur email registered as well?
  • krubano@mrosenbeck12 @burris_erin @liz1315 @sidneyraye the next time you go to your local store, make sure they didn't click "opt out" of mailings! Not sure if they checked that for you all when they checked your info... ❀️
  • mamareese23Just got mine! Yay!
  • anews927Love the outfits that came in the ad with the coupon but many items are not available online yet, will the stores have the new spring items?
  • cas_king55Stores are starting to get all the apring items in daily!
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