• aerieOur #AerieREAL girls say one last farewell to Tulum, MX! #regram by @hanamayeda feat. @_catherinehudson & @yelenanoah #beautiful #sunset #love #aeriereal ❤️☀️

  • tazei_This 'real' promotion is great and all but you're not taking it as far as it could go. You could boost the confidence of 10x more young girls if you used girls who weren't naturally size 0-2. Good start, but you're not there yet. Make this more than marketing ✌️
  • sweetestsecret_comLooks so much fun
  • sarajenae@tazei_ they are using girls that aren't size 2. Checkout their website.
  • aerieHi @tazei_! Thanks for your support! We agree. No retouching is our first step and we are proud to share that we use girls that are a range of sizes! There is no "one size fits all here!" 
  • katiefrench123@aerie what agencies do you get your girls from?
  • amyylyyn@tazei_ definitely check out the website ! I work for the company and have seen major changes in advertising models. I love the change! Go @aerie !
  • dianastepka_Beyond proud of @aerie. You guys are making an important first step in the right direction and really beginning to promote positive body image for young girls. It is super uncommon for me to care about a company beyond their products but you guys have really impressed me personally, and I can only hope that other companies will follow in your footsteps someday.
  • aalaimo13So proud to work for @aerie and tHe empowerment you are giving to women!!
  • embellishedimagery@nadinezinger picture like this this summer
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