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  • bbcnewsTOP HEADLINES 29 JAN 2014 1300 GMT: US President Barack Obama promises to bypass Congress to tackle economic inequality, in his State of the Union address. See more: BBC.in/obamaunion. Ukraine's first post-independence president has warned the country is on the "brink of civil war" as parliament debates an amnesty for protesters. See more: BBC.in/ukrainepresident. It will be more than 70 years before all children have access to primary school, says a report from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco). See more: BBC.in/uneducation. [We are experimenting with a short form news service we’re calling #Instafax. We’d love to hear what you think.]

  • unluckyxiiiInstafax really is a great idea.
  • bbcnewsThanks for the kind words, @unluckyxiii. Stay tuned for a few more later today.
  • zil_1987very useful and is a great initiative! @Instafax
  • csteventoribioKeep it up. It's a nice and quick way to know the headlines.
  • bbcnewsThanks, @rixie_roxie87 + @csteventoribio. Do you think we're posting too much text below the video? We'd be curious to hear what you think.
  • zahra_sadiq@bbcnews the amount of text is perfect , it's short yet very informative
  • bnjmn_pHey I am really digging this news format, I've been showing it around a lot. I would maybe kill the full page logo and just have a permanent bug like in this video. Have you experimented with closed captions in addition to your headlines? One of the appealing things about this format is that sound is optional (especially as many users have it off by default). good job !
  • bbcnews@zahra_sadiq: Thanks for the info. Good to know. @bnjmn_p: We might give this a try. Not a bad idea. Thanks!
  • ushrant@bbcnews great platform to share pertinent news stories..people need to stop stifling through selfies and learn !
  • gallerycontinentalFound this via Web User magazine, great idea, gets info over fast and snappy! Informative and relevant.
  • shortsbyparker@bartsfishtales does the same, only with cooking fish!
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