Check out Joey Pepper's recent interview in the Sidewalk Buyers Guide. @joeypepp @sidewalkmag #waitwhat #hufworldwide
  • hufworldwideCheck out Joey Pepper's recent interview in the Sidewalk Buyers Guide. @joeypepp @sidewalkmag #waitwhat #hufworldwide

  • sauzey@livejournalemoprince i just said that synthetic leather sucks, news flash, vegan leather is a type of synthetic leather. Thats exactly why those shoes dont skate or sell have as good as suede. And theres a difference between being strait edge and being too scared to do drugs
  • festivegreenmouthMy sobriety has nothing to do with skateboarding. I have been sober for over three years which means I used to drink and get faded. Huf could make those shoes in canvas. Their canvas is pretty tough. Heck they could use hemp as well. @sauz3y
  • sauzeyWhat about vegan glue and dye, the only half decent vegan shoe was the supra griffen and that was just one collorway of it that didnt sell for shit
  • sauzey@livejournalemoprince
  • livefromplanetdeath@sauz3y eat a dick.
  • sauzeyAnd the harmful gasses that are more prominent in the production of vegan leather than real leather is worse for the entire earth as a whole rather than some mass breaded cows.
  • festivegreenmouthWell most shoe companies don't use horse glue anymore. I think authentic sell quite well but they suck for skateboarding. I got some canvas supra vulk lows and they seem to be good. Although I haven't had much a chance to skate them since it rains a lot. @sauz3y. As far as I know dyes for fabric are not animal derived. Food dyes are the ones one has to be careful with
  • sauzeyYou know what, as someone who has burned through over 30 pairs of shoes in his very short 15 year old life, i have tried it all and find suede to be far and above better than anything I've tried, i currently am on my 3rd pair of supra hammers and couldnt be happier if it weren't for the canvas midsole witch seems to tear before i even see discoloration in the suede toe cap. @livejournalemoprince
  • mightyalbyOn s'en caliss
  • sauzeySo its apparent that you havnt experienced enough suede shoes to tell the difference so, with that, continue with your pointless love for cows, good bye
  • festivegreenmouthI have skateboarded for over ten years. I can obvious tell the difference. I just don't like using animal products because I am ethically opposed to it. I am fill grown man who can afford his own shoes so I don't mind buying more pairs of canvas and/or synthetic leather shoes if I get to support companies that I dig. @sauz3y
  • festivegreenmouthSuede does last longer but I am not going to compromise my beliefs and welfare of animals just to save a few bucks a year. @sauz3y
  • sauzey@sorethroatsyndrome you're a fucking fat 40 year old who's balding, you should be more worried on getting getting a gym membership, depends and bosley than the genetalia that you wish to put in little boys mouths
  • spudderyI like turtles🐢
  • loudpackpauly@livejournalemoprince "cows feelings"? word? Fuck that cow and fuck you. I let me dog chew on cowhide for the fun of it. It's how the worlds supposed to be, we eat weaker animals, no need to be a pussy
  • tomisradYou are all a bunch of squids. Fuck your shoe shit! pepper fucking rips!
  • falexpugaOk wow 🔝...I'm just sayin man lol
  • blakequilt_81👌
  • tylercichy@spuddery me too!
  • phobia671#OG
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