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  • mllehelenjaneYeah. Dudes.

  • dooceThat the Kardashians have a show and your girls do not is the reason and reason enough that the apocalypse will burn the earth.
  • masalamommaTell them I'm going to think about it. Mostly water conservation is what I'll be focusing on. Because, you know, when it hasn't rained for a long long long long time....
  • agirlandaboyleahMan, N.L. looks just like you! Which is weird because she's MiniJames.
  • ladyfeeYa need to think about it☔️
  • esullyThis made me understand how big sisters feel.
  • weeliciousNo words. Genius!
  • drfanbladeI had decidedly taken the position of NOT thinking about it but then Dottie's all up in my screen being like "YOU NEED TO THINK ABOUT IT." Which really blew the doors open for me and now I'm deep in thought on that one.
  • jessicaljpecotaHilarious! Sweet little Nora's face
  • shutterbeanOMG YES.
  • thcssmUm okay James @screenburn is Nora and I am Dotty! Remember playing the piano at dad's company party
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