This is why I serve in Congress -- and why I'll lay out a more hopeful, Republican vision tonight.
  • cathymcmorrisThis is why I serve in Congress -- and why I'll lay out a more hopeful, Republican vision tonight.

  • chelanmama_tammyYes. We must leave a better world for our children. Keep up the good work. We stand with you.
  • creeplife_312@cathymcmorris many politicians say want to help the middle class but each day we are force to pay an extra thousands of dollars to dealerships when we purchase a new or used vehicle, or is it because most politicians are busy taking campaign contribution from the dealerships Alliances group!
  • creeplife_312@cathymcmorris let me and my follow Americans buy directly from the manufacturers! Thank you
  • mattabaker@cathymcmorris praying for you, fellow PCC grad!
  • leedettLooking forward to hearing from you @cathymcmorris
  • erlsm13great looking family!!!
  • cjgray4560Thank you for your input
  • kandipie_Adorable! Can't wait to hear you speak!
  • annedgallaherSo impressed with your GOP response! Keep leading!
  • annbarr2012Love everything about your remarks after Obama. Thx for the prayers for America. 💙
  • motowife1996Love it!! My oldest daughter has Down Syndrome.
  • sarabb88The way you spoke of your son is exactly how I feel about my son Dalton who was born 29 weeks premature and his 2nd birthday is this coming Monday and he just started crawling! I am glad I can relate to someone in the political relm
  • jilltucciLoved hearing you speak tonight! Great response and an inspiration to moms everywhere!
  • jaysteveavisWe were very impressed by your speech tonight! You are an inspiration! We as well have 2 beautiful grandkids with DS God Bless You & Your Family!
  • garciawendy75I hve an 8 year old son with Autism my youngest preciouse Lil boy was born with Down Syndrome I had the pleasure of spending every single moment with my Lil man I only had him for 8 months he just passed away on January 13, 2014 he was lated to rest on January 27, 2014 he changed me so much and naught so much joy into our lives and he also touched so many other people I thank you so much for supporting all parents with children that hve special needs and you are so blessed with all your preciouse gifts thank you again
  • momof14God bless you. Thank you for your terrific speech tonight and for your beautiful family. I LOVE the picture if your sweet children and I LOVE the picture of you holding your baby with the SOTU paper in your hand! We have 2 sons with DS. They are 2of our greatest gifts.
  • elenalbavitA very nice family! I wished I could've hear your speech. But I like everything you inform us through instagramm. Thank you:)
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