• j_evans1219😮😍🍼

  • kira_jackson2003@loving_gavin you are blowing jenelles photo comments up. How about if you don't have anything nice to say how about get off of here. Stop being rude.
  • ska0991@j_evans8209 I totally use to go here to check how my baby was changing. I will always back you up..we all have mistakes and sometimes it takes a lil long to find ourselves. I live
  • ska0991I love you! @j_evans8209
  • ska0991@alliiemarriie if you ever have a child or have children. You'll understand why abortion is difficult. Just because you never met your child doesn't mean you haven't felt him. Abortion isn't an excuse. Only if life treating. Adoption is 100% better than destroying a living human. And abortions ate terrible you just haven't been in the scenario.
  • wkq_pU can see his penis lol
  • alliemariedionisi@devinsmamma as I said, some women are uncomfortable with having someone else raise their child, so they might not want adoption.
  • amanderinorange_If it's not your body don't worry about it!! You could give a shit less about the kids that ARE born by other people (not yours) so why care about an unborn one?? Talk about hypocritical. It's not your decision and it's not your life so GET OVER IT.
  • legends_of_noWhat app is this?
  • dvni3laaAmen :) @devinsmamma
  • deleted.101114what app
  • madison.11415@mrsargust_118 @kirstenannee the last kids dad beat her fuck you mean . Leave her alone . He was a dead beat piece of shit .
  • l_murs@amanderinorange_ because its your kid. And abortion is a horrible excuse. Oh, I was raped. Let's kill a human being for my reputation. I don't want to raise a kid. Let's kill it because I can't raise it instead of putting it up for adoption and letting someone else care for it. Abortion is horrible.
  • amanderinorange_@l_murs That's your opinion. But YOUR opinion doesn't dictate someone else's life.
  • drownedmermaids@l_murs dude you cant fucking force someone to carry a baby; especially if its the baby of a man that fucking raped them.
  • freespirit_211Agreed
  • cassiemcneil19@j_evans8209 what's this app called ?
  • lester304Babies are so sweet!!!
  • mackenzie.kaiApp???
  • hiz.bby.lub559Wats this app? @j_evans8209
  • alexxerr@shes_justabeauty what's the app called
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