A day of many celebrations. 7 years on and stronger than ever. With all my heart.. Happy anniversary, my @lukebolt | Photo by @timcoulson ❤️
  • garypeppergirlA day of many celebrations. 7 years on and stronger than ever. With all my heart.. Happy anniversary, my @lukebolt | Photo by @timcoulson ❤️

  • gayegerardSo beautiful Nicole. Lovely to meet you at Magic Millions xx
  • cheeseandfriesBeautiful couple!
  • ozprawnAh ha, you're a beautiful girl but now I understand where the beautiful love emanates from in some of the photographs of you xx
  • fecat84@garypeppergirl i like so much your photos full of colours and happiness!!!
  • lyanncarreroBeautifull photos, couple, clothing line. I love your clothing pictures<3
  • hanabcnYou are so perfect!! 😚😚😚
  • justaverse15How cute, I love the simple romance of the photo and it inspires a lot of emotion too 👍
  • foodtravelingguruthis little whimsical of romance display is just perfect for the eyes to see.
  • jane.mentesanaI knew it, I knew just by looking at your photos that you were typically married to a rich white man using him for money.. How is it? Shame in you and every other Asian whore who does this. @garypeppergirl
  • lostwithkarin@markky_x shame on you and your racist comments. If you are so ignorant and have such strong feelings towards Asian women, why are you even on her instagram? You don't know her circumstances, especially financial ones so don't just assume. As an Asian woman and a human being, I am disgusted in people like you who spread bigotry and hatred. So shame on you and every other racist and sexist asshole who does this.
  • lostwithkarin@markky_x And how pompous and backwards of you to think all white men are rich. I would be embarrassed to be you.
  • hisprincess_emmaI feel sad for you @markky_x that you've lost faith in true love.
  • misspeanut@markky_x she probably makes more than he does....
  • putri_putssOmg 💗💗💗💗💗💗
  • missamrita@markky_x racism and bigotry are shameful indeed. Do the world a favour and keep your hateful thoughts to yourself. Just because you can say it, definitely doesn't mean you should.
  • the_resimonstaCongrats on the anniversary!
  • reborn_butterflyI know I'm a bit late on greeting you guys, but this is such a beautiful photo. Love is overflowing in this picture! ❤️
  • srbjardeleza@_rommjan
  • amberrdawn@eazyian562 😍
  • eazyian562@amberrdawn the number 7 ((:
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