• animalpak"I've always pushed myself to the limit in everything that I've done. I've set goals that, at the time, seemed unattainable." – Sam Byrd, “Journey To CAPO: Unattainable” Chapter IV now live on Animal’s youtube channel.

  • squatpresspull#365strong
  • naturalguy1Sam is awesome, enough said
  • knotahumanbeing_Another amazing chapter guys.
  • animalpak@uncaged_rob We will be sad when the series is done.
  • sungalastrengthAwesome chapter & lifter, who is next week?
  • thompadarippadet drygaste är att hålla nere kopplingen när det krampar i benen haha @robinljungqvist22
  • gunz504@animalpak very good chapter, great to see me and Sam share that same passion for family and helping other. That's what it's all about.
  • richard_hawthorne@animalpak just watched @sambyrd1's Chapter LOVE IT!
  • j_defuria@nicky_fumagalli what happened?
  • animalpak@nicky_fumagalli There's a thread on the FORVM: http://forum.animalpak.com/showthread.php?42210-Brandon-Lilly-Knee-Injury
  • fistsofgod@joe_defuria9 He fell squatting 750. No one really knows what the injury is but he's hurt
  • animalpak@collinofthornz He went into surgery today.
  • andyandy231@animalpak will you guys be selling those AWESOME black and white shirts with the 44 and the nickname on the back this year at the Arnold expo?I've been waiting almost a year because one of your reps. said y'all only sell them at the Arnold. I'm planing to road trip from VA just so that I can get a couple of them. If so will there be a specific day when y'all will sell them? And how much?
  • animalpak@andy321x We will have unique, limited edition shirts including a few featuring our powerlifters.
  • th3_tattooed_king@animalpak the new one needs to come out already!! Haha I'm dying to see the actual meet love the videos and the company! 👍💪👏
  • animalpak@th3_tattooed_king We will feature a powerlifting-oriented Animal Iconic limited edition tee in our booth at Raw Unity Meet 7.
  • drb33fWhat a gentleman Sam is. Total respect to him. Can't wait For CAPO
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