Katniss hair + removal of braids = Lorde's awesome hair. #wishitweremine
  • sarabareillesKatniss hair + removal of braids = Lorde's awesome hair. #wishitweremine

  • ikranksuper sexy!
  • aghniardaaaaaaaaaaa❤
  • pazartesi1994we love you from our harts
  • pazartesi1994I wishing you a seccesful
  • crakinciropractorIf I could fly in the spirit I would come behind you aand hug you while your playing the piano.
  • tamer.ahmed99Nice
  • mattluneburg@remyvidal_
  • remyvidal😂😂😂😂 story of my life @matthew_josephh
  • emmayazbekkYour really pretty and you make great music you're very talented
  • lettiemagalhaesLook @jimmyfallons its you
  • shellby_maeYou are amazing I love your music
  • officialsarabareillesloverYou are so much prettier than lorde! ❤️
  • sarahbinday02OMG Sara I love u and ur music so much. U r like the biggest inspiration 2 me and I even liked ur music before brave. U have taught me so much, that you have to brave and do things u don't really want 2 do. I know that u probably get about a million of these kind of comments a day, so I'll finish this. I just want u 2 know that u r my inspiration. It would mean sooooooooooooooo much 2 me if u actually read this and replied. -a differnent Sara
  • lauraa.coleWow your beautiful!
  • sarahbinday02Adding on 2 what I said b4, u have taught me that when u r feeling down, and u really don't want 2 get up, and when u r really sad and/or depressed, u should get back up, because there r people who care about u and want u 2 get back up. That I need 2 be brave. And that I have 2 stand up 2 myself 2, because if there r things I don't want 2 do, I shouldn't have 2 do them. Sara, u r such an inspiration 2 me and I hope that u will become the most popular pop star there is!
  • okayceliI love your music :) and u are gorgeous!
  • thelunarchronicles_fangirlLol yes!
  • marykathleenc@naturallydarz your twinnie!!👍😳😍😘
  • _._._._____.________.__@rattmevers
  • bert_knee😍😍😍
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