Jzujh 💋 #countdownlowedown #thebachelorwedding
  • catherinegiudiciJzujh 💋 #countdownlowedown #thebachelorwedding

  • itschloeghereCONGRATS For ur marriage !!
  • daisychaniseCongrats guys
  • daisychaniseI'll leave u alone u have better thi.
  • daisychaniseThings to do #honeymoon
  • mariamunoz0702Best wishes for a beautiful life together, what a wonderful couple.
  • zolcgazadStunning bride and always be gorgeous Mrs Catherine Lowe. Take care of yourself always.
  • _sivannThere are probably a million of these comments and all from strangers to you like myself however women to women, Catherine that wedding was undoubtedly the most romantic and beautiful ceremony I've ever witnessed, watching you and sean grow together is inspiring, and holding the true meaning of love so true to your hearts is so special, now get you some tonight girl 😋 BTDUBS you totalllly mastered #grownsexy 👌 perfectly, good luck to the two of you in your future, and don't forget to keep us posted you both are so beautiful enjoy this life together #blessings
  • emily.anne128So I just wanted to say, That wedding was absolutely perfect. It is the perfect example of TRUE LOVE. You guys are so adorable, and im so jealous! I was sitting on my couch last night, BAWLING because of how amazing your wedding was. You looked stunning, and the fact that Sean cried, is just AHH. No words! Congrats!!! 💜💍
  • dmhippieCongratulations! Best wishes and support go out to you!
  • emily.anne128@catherinegiudici
  • ednaspuffI find @seanloweksu really cute when he saw walking
  • ednaspuffOn the aisle :)
  • shanimannn@ashchaze it's krista!!!!! ↗️
  • ashchazeHaha ur obsession @shanimannn
  • natali253613Wow Beautiful
  • _andreamoran_@_carlosgabriel_ Joey!
  • saradiney@katieecakes just saw this! Did you ever get to watch the wedding online??
  • katieecakes@saradiney Omgosh yes! I'm watching it right now I'm super late but I can't wait to see what happens and her dress I heard is amazing too :) 💃
  • saradiney@katieecakes yayyy let's discuss it over coffee or lunch next week!
  • katieecakesFor sure! You finally got your phone back girl YAYY! Text me when you can meet girl! ❤️
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