Daddy&son #sunday #hike
  • hilaryduffDaddy&son #sunday #hike

  • ariahnarosee@hilaryduff
  • popeye125544Просто русский комментарий , продолжайте…
  • bkiq@hilaryduff You are so inspiring! You are chic, smart, glamorous and diplomatic! Hope see you singing again here (Brazil). Love u my diva!
  • popeye125544@stashero007 х)))
  • di_law@mallikasharmaa makes me happy
  • hebafaidCuteee
  • ral_andresLove this
  • catchie_conceptsSo sweet!
  • marina_starshineI'm sad they're going thru a divorce
  • sophievreyes@marinaaax3 who told you that?
  • classictori@sophievreyes her and Mike both announced that they've decided it would be best for the both if them to get a divorce but they still remain friends😕
  • ju1ie._Ditto to what @tiffanycalynne said. I absolutely agree 100%.
  • x0babydollx0Nice you and Mike are still good friends for your son
  • eelebiNooooo sembrava la famiglia perfetta :( @kevinfangazio
  • claudia92xI really hope you guys are still trying to work things out! Never loose hope!
  • theprincedoggHE is such a GREAT guy and dad, STAY together!
  • syl_mariWow. Normally when people get divorced or split up or whatever and say that they'll remain friends, it's a whole lot of crap. But clearly not in their case! I'm glad they're doing this. Even if they're not together anymore, it's clear that their son comes first. I'm happy for them and wish them all the luck and love in the world 💕
  • belljassmarcute!!!
  • creativestitchmj@syl_mari thats how it should ALWAYS be ... Just because people break up doesnt mean their child has to suffer without a parent thats just cruel... And a makes a HUGE impact on the childs development and mental health...
  • syl_mariWoah. I commented such a long time ago. I was genuinely confused about what you were talking about and why you tagged me... But now that I know you're not insane and we're on the same page... I agree whole heartedly. I've seen firsthand how harmful it can be and sadly although "that's how it should ALWAYS be..." it's more common for a child to be left without a parent. Glad this isn't the case. 💕 @creativestitchmj
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