Little bit of snow on the road #-9C #lunchtimeafterskate
  • mgaborik12Little bit of snow on the road #-9C #lunchtimeafterskate

  • jeanine1994Drive careful. Ranger game delayed because of sun delay, too much glare. Gotta watch your boy Henrik today.
  • minnesotaphishWe still love you in MN, gabby!
  • natali.sovcikovaUž si na ceste do Sochi? :)
  • griffy12313where ya eating at?
  • thejordeckHeaded to Easton, ehh?
  • mville24Come back to NY! Mi vas volimo
  • jpredhomme29Nice car what is that a Prius #nerd
  • clevelandbrownsnews@Officialcbj
  • pavlas19Ten rusen napravo zabludil z Opatovej??? @mgaborik10
  • pavlas19Opatak do Guilfordu za melonom, nepridas sa? ...stare casy... @mgaborik10
  • carlywantstoworkattmz@mgaborik10 so glad u will be back really soon!!! 😄😘
  • shavosbeardOur winters are 70 degrees....welcome to LA brother. Lets get that cup baby!!!!!
  • dirtyharry0Hi @mgaborik10 you won't have to worry about Snow in LA! #GoKings #WelcomeToLA #CityOfChamps
  • matt.perriGaborick... YOU ARE MY ROLE MODEL! You have always been the person I look up to, and I always will look up to you. You are obviously the NHL's best player: smartest, strongest, and fastest. I have learned so much from the way you play just by watching you. I even try to play the way you play when I'm out on the ice myself. I have posters, signed pucks, jerseys, and anything I could get with your name or face on. I am a fan of you no matter what team you are on. (I would even be a fan of you if you were on the flyers!) I am by far your BIGGEST fan! I hope you read this and repond to me. Maybe even follow me.
  • g_eddy_rI drive on that highway like everyday here in CBus
  • aquariex24Reason #2 you gotta stay in LA! (#1 being to get another Cup!)
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