At G. Lorenzi I don't even know what half this stuff is for but I want it anyway!  I want the most chic, beautiful spool for thread(thread not included) Surprisingly most if the items are under 20€
  • thesartorialistAt G. Lorenzi I don't even know what half this stuff is for but I want it anyway! I want the most chic, beautiful spool for thread(thread not included) Surprisingly most if the items are under 20€

  • albertocarlucciSwatch is coming...
  • badtrumpet@thesartorialist Lorenzi was bought by LVMH
  • badtrumpet@laragostablog love NYC , but dont say that the food in NYC is the same of peck... Blasfemy
  • thesartorialistIs Peck that much better than Dean & Deluca? And there is no equivalent to Whole Foods in Italy. We do ok by grocery stores.
  • loverokYou can't compare Peck to any other shop, D&D and Whole Food included @thesartorialist
  • thedapperdad@thesartorialist I now this is maybe not the place to look under the sheen of things, but you can thank Italian politicians for their incompetence in changing tax laws that stifle artisans and entrepreneurs in Italy. If you expect to see Italian sartoria and alta moda around for years to come you're in for a rude awakening. 12,000 stores shuttered in Rome alone this past December. Mainly small family businesses that could not make rent thanks to taxes starting at 57% (and you wonder why Italians try to evade taxes). Just in case your Italian friends have not already moaned about it endlessly to you... 😉
  • leelooelibera@thesartorialist I love Milano, I lived there for 3yrs, hope you have fun!
  • marta_malavasi@claudia_malavasi vai a fare un giro...
  • victorlbill@thedapperdad oh, really? That's why you dodge taxes? Maybe because you have an almost unparalleled culture of corruption for European standards. Maybe, because you vote absurd, lunatics into government that mostly care about their status, making your entire government institution a joke for many folks. Its always simple to point at a tax rate when the root of the issue is support for small biz, lending structures, and the quality of gov services.
  • thedapperdad@victorlbill it is exactly because there is no support for small biz, no access to lending structures and no gov services that many small Italian businesses evade taxes or pack up and leave or just shut down. When a govt at year end, on top of taxes you have already paid (receiving nothing in return), asks you to pay more taxes to plug their spending gap then some businesses decide to leave something off the books to make rent or pay wages. Others just call it quits. So tax rates do impact small businesses in this country because the govt depends on them to pay the lion share of the taxes to keep the country afloat and plug the holes they create. Are we all just a bunch of lazy, degenerate and corrupt Berlusconi wanna-be's? You bet.
  • teresaluque@thedapperdad I am absolutely certain that the majority of Italians are hardworking honorable people but you must all take responsibility for the leaders/politicians you vote into office. It's sad how at times I wonder when talking about or thinking about Italy ... Whatever happened to the culture the Romans had? ... they left so much for the world to follow and their own land seems to have lost their way. I love Italy but I feel sad when I go there too. It'll be hard to get rid of the corruption that is now so entrenched into every level of government and society. Good luck! Buona fortuna!
  • massimohAgain for @beolite I quote her "People don't know how to do all those things these days, they can't sew, weave, cook - I can do all of those things!"
  • massimoh@carlalovesphotography Maybe you can too!?
  • thedapperdad@teresaluque grazie!
  • tempeh27@thesartorialist would you happen to know if the company is closing for good or are they just closing the store ? perhaps they would be available elsewhere?
  • noemi.25@thedapperdad Italian people evade taxes because they can. The richer they're the more they evade. Milionaires evade taxes!!! It's sad to say but Italians are not the most honest people.
  • bobbystuckeymsG.Lorenzi makers of the most beautiful pasta cutters and truffle slicers on the planet
  • biancamariacarraro@thesartorialist I did a post about this shop last year!
  • kaylamosleynow that is #wellgroomed @v76
  • davide__albertini😭
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