Congrats to Tim Gleason who scored his first goal with the Leafs on Saturday.
  • mapleleafsCongrats to Tim Gleason who scored his first goal with the Leafs on Saturday.

  • krstrip@biglou245 I wasn't disagreeing with you I completely agree, I seem to notice before bolland got hurt it seemed he really was leading the team
  • travvvyo@biglou245 so true... He fucked up alot of plays recently.. :/
  • juliancatalfo___@biglou245 shut up you don't even know how to spell captain
  • biglou245@juliancatalfo lol we got a spell check nerd who is mad, get the fuck outta here chumps like u stick up for dion it's okay maybe u want to wait 40 plus more years for a cup idiot what does my spelling have to do with anything fukkn troll I spel how I want 2 geek
  • harte52_@biglou245 that was the longest run on sentence you stupid mother fucker
  • biglou245@pattyharte35 are you crying too? People hate when people are right
  • a_fulginitiIgnore the troll^
  • ryan_ralph@biglou245 I completely agree! Thank u somebody with some sense on this whole dion Phaneuf thing!!!!
  • mdegen93@biglou245 well it doesn't really matter what you think. Or what I think. Or what anyone thinks. We don't know how he acts in the dressing room without any cameras. We don't know how he acts on the bench. The only people who know that he is captain material is Carlyle and the team. And they clearly think he's captain material
  • oakenmanateeLol he sucks
  • ryan_vanandel@meaghanshepjr PP goals for and against do not count to +/- just sayin. And @biglou245 I can hear what you're comin from Phaneuf is slow and makes mistakes a lot, but he is also in the spotlight much more, no one even seems to notice Phaneuf is +27 higher then franson and Phaneuf is constantly playing against opponents top lines and doing a great job shutting down.
  • ryan_vanandel@biglou245 imo Phaneuf has been a great leader for the leafs but is nowhere up to sundin standards. He's a great top 2 and together with a player like gleason they'll be a great shutdown line. I think the trouble lies in the inexperience of gardener and Reilly together. They'll get better but they're massive defensive liabilities whereas Fraser last year was excellent for them being that big body shutdown player.
  • scottstandeavenTim was a good aquirment
  • twinpud^^by which you mean Tim was a good acquisition.
  • harte52_@biglou245 you're an idiot. Period.
  • biglou245@pattyharte35 your the idiot for getting involved, what are you trying to prove by talking shit, what do you know about hockey? Tell me what you think ? I understand that your mad about what I said about your boy friend phaneuf but seriously you just need to shut up or throw your phone off a bridge because no one cares about what u have to say plug.
  • mynameis.dawsonPhaneuf is shit he so slow and he misses the net alot
  • mynameis.dawson@akesik12 I do play hockey so go finger your pussy fag
  • jpalachiIf you don't think phaneuf is useless, then you clearly have rocks in your head and don't know the difference between good and bad.
  • jaydenb_hockeyAwesome
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