My office for the night! Who's going to win? #gottaloveSX #foxsports1 @foxsports @monsterenergy
  • jeremymcgrath2My office for the night! Who's going to win? #gottaloveSX #foxsports1 @foxsports @monsterenergy

  • _jbonez_Rv, Reed, Stewart, Dungey
  • tdi_33@jeremymcgrath2 dude whT are you on right now because I want some
  • c_manndingoNatural!
  • blamb17Hey man great job announcing tonight in Oakland!! Not dissing the goat @rickycarmichael at all cause he is the man also, but In my opinion you where way better!! #nodisrespect
  • epentland101Great job in the booth tonight!
  • brooksayola#2, #7, #22. I'm a psychic!
  • ham111Dude, you're a natural in front of the Camera
  • eastbaykcshould be ricky, jeff, and you every week, ditch ralph.. @emig47 #sxonfox
  • sammytjrThe actual Races Awesome !! The Show Suck, stadium Sound awful, no mini races - nothing to entertain , other than FN tshirts !! Pits Suck as well - Disappointment w / Monster's efforts @ Oakland !!
  • slasher200Different view for you. Good job 😃 @jeremymcgrath2
  • mattleibeltGreat job @jeremymcgrath2 !
  • crf250xrider007Great job on the mic last night
  • jeremymcgrath2Thanks for all the great compliments about being in the booth last night! I really enjoyed it and I will get better. The in camera shots were a bit awkward but I will get it figured out! Thanks again for the support! #sxonfox
  • akridgejamesYeah bro! Good job last night you could tell the in shots were a little awkward for you but like you said you will get it figured out for sure! I was really impressed last night man! Cant wait for Anaheim! Very cool tbe amount of respect you get during the interviews with the riders especially Stewart! Long live the King! @jeremymcgrath2 no one will ever be as great as you bro, never!
  • mommahinson5You did great! @jeremymcgrath2
  • maxccarlozzoJeremy you were my idol until oakland supercross. My friend asked you for your autograph while you were in the monster energy rig. When he asked you, you could have said not right now or whatever. But instead you looked down straight at him, made eye contact, and just looked away. You're still a great rider and I'll always be a fan.
  • johnnylouch@jeremymcgrath2 u killed it man nice job buddy
  • kinganas11;-;
  • kinganas11:D
  • kevin_ramos_92Is there supercross tonight or no
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