Dex was trying to send out some tweets and texts earlier..caught him in the act!
  • ashwagner2010Dex was trying to send out some tweets and texts earlier..caught him in the act!

  • mariodamntorres#catselfie
  • caroline_chlebecek#cat
  • adrianna.3141Awe your cat is so cute!
  • ak888zI'm here.
  • isa_p_99Oww that's so cute!!!
  • cwalkawalkaCaturday:)
  • ak888zCan he spin ?
  • lillyhendricksonYou've got an insane cat too??! I'm currently running around the house with lace around my waist so that she'll chase me. Clever cats, gotta love em
  • eetelfordHaha love this!!! 😃🐾
  • maimaiko0615sooooo cuuuuuuuute
  • emi_pokoomg.nice pic:-)
  • figureskating10My cat does that😂
  • sahar.boruPlease answer to this: do u live I'm California? I sent you a direct message so I was wondering if u could check it out thank you so much ily @ashwagner2010
  • sahar.boruHi I'm a figure skater and a Girl Scout and I was gonna do an ice skating clinic for my silver award for Girl Scouts for low income kids that don't have the privilege to go ice skating.i was wondering if obviously after you come back from Sochi( and win gold obviously) you could come to Aliso Viejo ice palace if your in the area I'm not sure where you live right now but I know u used to go to Aliso Viejo ice palace. Do anyways if you are in the area from anytime between after Sochi to July of 2015 I was wondering if ur in the area you could come to my clinic and show off a couple moves or even just take pictures or autograph stuff for people. I don't know about everyone else but if I ever saw you in real life I would probley pass out your really awesome. I know your really busy with Sochi but pleaseeee answer to this even if you just like it now or comment anything and then think about it later that would make the difference of the world to me. Thank you so much for being who you are. You are my most favorite skater and I know your gonna do good in Sochi. I love you so much and thank you.
  • smcgym2001Aww you have such a cute cat
  • darencortez@sahar_boru beautifully written. Way to reach for and ask for something worthy. 🍀🍀🍀🍀
  • tifotterCat selfie!
  • alex_strongkotLol
  • nbpt_kittyKitty kitty kitty kitty kitty 🐱🐯😺😸😻😽
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