We are pottery heads... @caraasantana @ashleygreene @josephchase @elliebeltran @juliapolis @jaredrubenstein @silverbeam
  • blahblahblandaWe are pottery heads... @caraasantana @ashleygreene @josephchase @elliebeltran @juliapolis @jaredrubenstein @silverbeam

  • itsadrianahdzOMJ Ashley!! XD You meet demi and now Ashley XD JAJAJA
  • antoolguin_Whait......Ashley Green??
  • malenasrurYou people need to grow the fuck up. People can be friends, it's not like they're dating Joe Jonas at the same time. God, go out and live a life.
  • es_loretoASHLEEEY???? OMG D:
  • meaganjonas108omg it's called being mature adults people, get over it ❤️
  • ahana_xASHLEY??? EHEHEHH?? oh my god...
  • elenadixon___Blanda..now i love you much more. Ashley is a very beautiful person!
  • elenadixon___@blahblahblanda
  • isabellabalsMy God calm down everyone!! It's not like they're both dating him at the same time
  • raindancelyliGUYS CALM DOWN OMG hahahahahaha sometimes (but sometimes only) adults act like adults and then this ex's thing doesn't matter that much ;)
  • raindancelylibut it's weird for us jonatics, i know hahahah :p
  • ranaashhrafWhat's wrong with Ashley you guys ? She's way mature and nice. As you can see they're friends and they followed each other. So now stop with all the hate. If you don't like Ashley, then keep your opinion to yourself. @blahblahblanda You're nice and I'm glad you and Ashley are friends. She's really a good one
  • ranaashhrafI guess the elephant one is Ashley's @ashleygreene A for the effort ?
  • pennyland_She is a really good one, I'm so proud of @blahblahblanda she is so respect about all
  • luisamattos27blanda whats that ?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • pauletvelezI do not see why so critical to Blanda, I think it does well, besides having him winning a grudge against a former girlfriend of Joe, knowing that you have all the love of Joe's it, you're admirable Blanda, I like you're amazing, thank you for making our boy happy 😊 @blahblahblanda
  • paola8a98Ashley greene! HAHAHA really?? xD
  • saselynMy stepdad is cordial to my dad. And when they used to work together people would harass them but they stuck their ground and u can say are still good acquaintances. It is post puberty shinanigans.
  • febreezeme@blahblahblanda flashback Sunday!!!
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