The President working this evening on his State of the Union speech. #insidesotu
  • petesouza44The President working this evening on his State of the Union speech. #insidesotu

  • mgilletSo cliché but we can hardly not like this composition. Speech of the Union reminds me great quotes from West Wing ... Godspeed for your speech Mister President. We look forward to welcome you in Belgium in March ! Say @petesouza will there be a meetup with belgian twittosphere ? How can I find out or apply to be part of it ? Thank you.
  • _shlomo_I like the desk. I can find it on ebay?
  • myopia230The Buck stop there!
  • sharlinenabulimeMagnificent!!! For such a great orator, I find it fascinating that he doesn't take anything for granted. He's pouring over that speech like it's the first one he's giving. That shows someone who really really cares. #UnpretentiousCare #ILoveObama
  • princesssmurf42@ranabuck I'm waiting for our SOTU chat with @jprince0409 @keris42
  • calypso65Pete does it again with another super amazing pic of our POTUS. Thank you for sharing. Am sure he'll talk a lot about income inequality & protecting our voting rights.Go get 'em Mr.President and good luck👊!
  • valmich😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • valmichLove from Monte-Carlo
  • nedfetcherWhy is there a cowboy sculpture in the office? Did George Bush forget it?
  • dovid.engelU have an awesome job
  • m_bayeniI like your job man
  • darren2112Great photo!!!
  • cacildancFantastic shot! ⚫️🔝⚪️
  • jasreynolds_wow
  • happyflpanhandlegreat desk shot!
  • glendat1155I pray for you Mr President
  • tifgroupePete you get the gold stat!!
  • lmrobinson129An amazing man!!! An amazing President!!! YES!! I'm team Obama!! #teamobeezie
  • moyia_ju美国总统 奥巴马
  • janeamcgrathTo think that these photos will be viewed 50 years from now and 500 on from then from a President who made history in more ways than one. I'm so proud of our President. Proud to be an American! 🇺🇸
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