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  • ssvi_llcDoing a little break-in and mag change work on the little guy. It definitely takes getting use to having a tiny gun in your hands. #glock #glock42 #ssvi #ssvillc #380 #pewpewpew

  • ssvi_llc@gmcreal it was kind of hit or miss honestly. Either way I usually manually throw the slide back versus using the slide lock.
  • xyoitsjcx@gmcreal I can't speak for him but when I shoot my xds since it is so small, my thumb hits the slide release sometimes and prevents it from locking back. Could be happening here.
  • pnw_guns_and_gearAh I see. I always sling shot the slide as well just interesting. I do like last shot hold open but you really can deal when it isn't cycling a round. Only thing is under pressure I could see you grabbing the trigger again and getting a click because you didn't feel it with your heart beating through your chest.
  • bojosmithWhat would you rate it 1-10
  • bojosmithWhat would you rate it 1-10
  • ssvi_llc@xyoitsjcx it's not that, both my buddy's and mine weren't locking back most of the time. Maybe 1 out of 10 it was.
  • accarter1@ssvi_llc so what u thank of the little rascal
  • xyoitsjcx@ssvi_llc it is a common problem with the smaller guns. I guess I will see when I get mine.
  • the_deerI'm with @rangerproof. I'd have to modify my grip or run the risk of blowing some hide off my thumb.
  • ellipsis415Damn your thumb is almost longer than the whole slide with that hand position o_O
  • swarm910Thumbs burns? Lol
  • chitownlukeCheck it @anacondadeanda
  • anacondadeanda380
  • sikkydexholstersSure friend, what's up?
  • ssvi_llcHave you done anything for a 42 yet? I'd love to see what you come up with!
  • ssvi_llc@sikkydexholsters ⬆️
  • sikkydexholstersHaven't got the gun yet, hopefully we will soon
  • ssvi_llcAwesome, be sure and tag me when you do! I love this little thing. You'll never find a flatter shooting pistol. I was pretty amazed. @sikkydexholsters
  • sikkydexholstersNice, I carry the Shield for that reason. I'll have to check it out
  • blac_elvisQuick
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