The ladies from #bloodsweatheels are here and they're on fire! @abelleinbk  @daisylewellyn @genevasthomas
  • bethennyfrankelThe ladies from #bloodsweatheels are here and they're on fire! @abelleinbk @daisylewellyn @genevasthomas

  • branrob1I used to love the show its so boring and unorganized anymore. The same topics and guests over and over and over. Step it up if u wanna keep your viewers @bethennyfrankel
  • branrob1And she does talk over her guests and audience. That's what annoys me about the show too.
  • rickki6Who ?
  • gdibz123@bethenny I agree I love Bethenny and am so happy for her continued success, but she could acknowledge the audience a little more when the camera's are off! 🙋
  • 59cottoncandyI loved the Lisa Robertson segment today!
  • juliecalsquier@bethennyfrankel more Bravo people
  • fceeviperWho is the tall lady?
  • dede1226Those chic's were so ANNOYING .. I had to mute the tv👎👎👎👎
  • laura_tx7Used to be one of your biggest fans, but now over the show. Seems like everyone is just basically yelling trying to talk over each other. It's like the show is on speed. If I had a $1 for every time you say, "I like it," I could buy the girl above a motor for her car. I'm exhausted when the show is over. I'm over it. I've deleted it from my daily record on my DVR. Take some cues from Ellen. She actually listens to her guests and then responds...or Katie.
  • denise_gerbetz_bussey@laurarn00 i must agree......<sigh>
  • jmpmciaDumb.
  • cjaytex2812@gdibz123 I agree as well, my friend and I thought she was so cold! I haven't watched the show since I was at the taping!
  • cjaytex2812Wow! Reading more comments of how she interacted with other audiences is crazy, I'll be shocked if the show lasts another season!
  • ifeyinwachinezeatuanya@bethennyfrankel the lady on your far left looks like @ritadominic . Nice picture
  • cuchito2222#👍
  • mtv004You are so rude to your guests. Such a cold loud mouth. I keep watching, hoping you'll change. You were soooo rude to these ladies! Fall back, Bethenny. Go back to being a brand or whatever it is you do.
  • lnikkijI don't know what you ladies are watching but the woman from Bloodsweatnheels was offensive towards white women by comparing "you wouldn't understand because your not black" WTF is that comment talk bout racial hangups
  • hppynrsmdWhy was she rude? Lots of people would disagree with you. The ladies looked like they were enjoying themselves. Maybe you have other issues
  • antii__socialite@micahughes
  • herodeskkNice post
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