If you are attending the San Diego boat show, make sure to stop by and see Steve at McKinna Yaughts.. #bigboats @stevesillman
  • jeremymcgrath2If you are attending the San Diego boat show, make sure to stop by and see Steve at McKinna Yaughts.. #bigboats @stevesillman

  • knobbystalkerYup, it's called capitalism.
  • pamzamYou get it. I'll borrow it. @jeremymcgrath2
  • capone_thstlf^ Debbie downers
  • evanwilliamsmitchell@bwharton81 how does that have anything to do with this?
  • dt_jared@stevesillman great guy! Go check EM out!
  • msts486Stop crying like everyone owes u. Typical gov. Moochers. Work for your shit, it's that simple
  • bwharton487My bad I should keep my comments to myself.
  • sfinerty10Yea it's called workin hard^
  • akira.80#boatsAndHoes
  • stevesillman@jeremymcgrath2 thanks bud, tell your dad to come down, working on swinging next weekend...sounds fun
  • dvlwearsprada52Hahaha. These people crack me up... typical comments of some one that just wants handouts from the libtards. Here's an idea... work hard... it's amazing what you can accomplish by working hard. I grew up in ghetto apartments where crime was everywhere... my dad eventually became succesful in growing his business and now owns a lot of very expensive toys... why should he be punished for his hatd work. Get a life(or should I say job) and stop acting like the world owes you.
  • alan_amp@stevesillman is the man!!
  • dvlwearsprada52Politics aside... enjoy the boat show... wish I could be attending the cali boat shows. Miss those
  • noelegeDarn good thing u can ride ur dirtcycle so well... There's no u in yachts, hahaha...
  • melly_vinAs I read @bwharton81 comment I think to myself this guy probably donates all his money and time to charity... Nope I look at his pics and it's beer, bikes (QUADS) 😂 and serious selfies... Come on man! Let people spend their money as get see fit. You do!
  • elementmx@dvlwearsprada52 @melly_vin exactly.
  • bambowkillaBoats and hoes boats and hoes
  • dannywilson99.9The SD Boat Show is cool. If you want a helicopter though, you should check out the Catalina Wine Mixer.
  • yorobwiseSheeeee some people are so F#%$&# S%$+d wow ....
  • estevens132I prefer the Catalina Wine Mixer
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