April 19th 2014 #Leipzig #Germany
  • jameyjastaApril 19th 2014 #Leipzig #Germany

  • bulldogxnationJob for a cowboy? Oh my god you are young. Whoa twice! Man you're an OG. Hey little little boy I don't like the majority of bands Hatebreed plays with, but not as much I can't stand kids like you who didn't know who this band ones until they started touring with Slayer. Hatebreed is a HARDCORE band. So they play with other HARDCORE bands. Ever stop to think they're in friends with members of these bands which is why they play with some of them? Because they are. Then again you're like twelve and have zero knowledge of this bands history so I wouldn't expect you to get it. People like you are the reason Hatebreed plays secret shows under fake names. Yeah I was right @metalcrosser44 You're a new jack.
  • bulldogxnation@8bitpixi Hahahaha awesome
  • 8bitpixi@bulldogxnation Job For A Cowboy roflroflroflroflfoflrofl. I would love to see this child run his ignorant mouth at an actual hardcore show and get his jaw broken. An actual hardcore show with, ya know, "manliest bands"
  • 8bitpixi@bulldogxnation I'll slap his shit
  • bulldogxnation@8bitpixi I'm not sure he'd even be able to find out about them. I don't know of any hardcore bands that posted on the white pride world wide website.
  • dylannap@bulldogxnation that homophobe guy should actually go there and be early for the Nasty show. He won't even make it till Hatebreed.
  • dylan44frisch@bulldogxnation I'm actually not 12 I'm 16 and sure I don't like jfac in the studio at all but in concert they were alright. Better than sleeping with sirens would be. And guess what, I am actually seeing slayer in may at the rave. I'm not new to metal, but I can tell you that Asking Alexandria is not metal.
  • dylan44frisch@8bitpixi its not my family. It's the jackass that likes scene bands
  • dylan44frisch@xbigbx I'm so sorry
  • 8bitpixi@metalcrosser44 You're 16, you're a child. I can't wait until you grow up and realize your shitty teen attitude doesn't fly in the real world and someone breaks your face. Get off the internet, learn how to spell, and come talk to adults when your balls have dropped, child.
  • 8bitpixi@metalcrosser44 also if you wanna talk about scene bands, Job For A Cowboy is one of them. I bet you also shop at Hot Topic and think you're unique. What a loser.
  • 8bitpixi@xbigbx only manliest band at warped your.
  • highspeedkurtWho cares who hatebreed plays with. The metal community is a big family, hardcore, death, thrash, prog doesnt matter. Respect everyone.
  • venicecycoPut the schmuck in an old school Agnostic Front/Biohazard show, the little racist wouldn't last 5 minutes
  • 8bitpixi@kensdmf420 he's googling these bands and then he's gonna come back and call you a doodyhead.
  • teyo_v@highspeedkurt homie, u are the man. Couldn't say it any better.
  • dylan44frisch@8bitpixi the fuck is hot topic?
  • 8bitpixi@metalcrosser44 Please stop talking, child. I don't wanna associate with idiot bigots.
  • dylan44frisch@kensdmf420 who's the racist here? Half my friends are black. At least I don't smoke dope.
  • search4sanityWhen are you guys going to come to an American tour! We fucking miss you down here in New Orleans bro!
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