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  • porsha4realHey, checkout ya girl in @OkMagazine & #STAR !! On stands Now! 😘😁 #rhoa Both articles highlight my life, romance and my new✨ Hair Company Naked Hair @gonakedhair

  • emilydiaz83crying like a baby the whole time! LOL!!!!!! and then peeling like a snake.
  • emilydiaz83Crying like baby and peeling like a snake! LOL!!!
  • porsha4realπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Dead you ain't right @_olyella
  • caprice247Congrats! You go girl! @porsha4real 😁😁😘
  • porsha4realThanks boo! @caprice247
  • chicago_we_onShe's gorgeous. Let's stop downing our queens and be encouraging and supportive to them. Love you, @porsha4real God bless.
  • forever_brooklynAlways so beautiful!!! You go girl! πŸ‘Œ
  • k3_plus1Yesss congrats..... Keep it moving, so proud of you!😘
  • thisistishLOL @ "you aint gotta pay me" She was still tryin to get it to you.
  • scorpio_1978How bout the eviction notice.. or the 18,000 u owe to homeowners association. . Lets b real we want the flop side of that fake ASS smile
  • mouna_tamCongrats porsha, love u very much. Wish u all the best. Keep it up girlllll
  • meganokuesaSomebody is very negative ^^^^
  • rocquettdontstopitHe messin w Towanda Braxton?
  • angie_bear28Jennifer Lawrence is engaged?!?!!! 😱😱😱😱
  • keitheonbarbeeStretch that 15 into a lifetime...
  • granttd87Get it porsha
  • queenlacy@porsha4real I would love to try your hair but I would love to see a creditable Youtuber do a review on your hair before I invest. Maybe you can add testimonials on your website.
  • imaginerobNever lose yourself in love...."with the [wrong] person, but [always] lose yourself in love!"
  • kimmi_3kidsSome of these comments are your own personal opinions so stop hating !!!!!! GEAUXXXXX @porsha4real !!!!! U BAD GIRL!!!! Do your thang chicC!!!!!!!!!
  • toyabougieWhat app is this @porsha4real
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