New #GTA #SanAndreas Collection items added to the Rockstar Warehouse:
  • rockstargamesNew #GTA #SanAndreas Collection items added to the Rockstar Warehouse:

  • rockstarleopardCheck my GTA merch on my profile homies!
  • marcelo_barbieri_👌
  • gabe.leningtonOn the lego guys they should have the dude from clucken bell when he pulls out a shotgun
  • moggis2000On gta 5 i lost my comet and i spent over 100000k and the mechanic says that it is destroyed and the mors mutural dont have the car fix the problem Please !!!
  • jb_markowiczSend a mail to the rochstAr support @moggis2000
  • theghostbananaPlease, rockstar make a open world zombie apocalypse game!(yes i know about undead nightmare) a game with a good story. Funny bits here and there. Steelable cars cutsceens. In a city type environment. I even got a story for you guys its 2023 new Columbia city. War was threating to eliminate all countries. War broke out fast foward 2 years brian connor a war marine has just been deployed back to his home city due to Russia surrounding the war. Brian goes to his little brothers apartment. He talks about some weird things he saw like how some of his team were shot killed and came back too life. A knock is heard at the door Alex(brians little brother goes to the door) opens it and is attacked by an infected. Brian kills the zombie with a quick time event now its a tutorial of how to run attack jump move n'stuff in the tutorial you have to get Alex to the hospital, but its overrun after you battle your way through the front door you find your doctor pal James Weston , who you then threaten to beat if he doesn't help you find a safe room and secure it. But he won't help you until you find his daughter who is missing (you find her but she's bit) you bring her anyway but she turns right when you get to the door to the safe room..quick time event and she eats you...yea? James brings Alex into the room and secures it. Now you play as Alex who is immune to the virus and its up to you to find out the mystery of the plauge , find survivors and supplies to help keep you and James alive! Pretty good hun?
  • faceplant307@randompicbros they probably won't listen to you
  • rockbro12Sick love the Kreo or Lego
  • tahashahid12The best game
  • joshrniaThats such a cool prize pack!!
  • irwannasrulCool!
  • ian.cantu04#musthavemustwantmustplay
  • devilbaroqueLove it and wanted!!!
  • generation_of_gamersGet gta v on iOS please:D
  • javi_699Yall should make legos gta v including chop and Main characters! @rockstargames
  • bharnish13Omg agreed @javi_699
  • austin_sauro43Can I have that? Pleez
  • roscoecoco_9You should be able to be chop. Just an idea?
  • drnightcore9520@rockstargames Remake GTA SA for Ps4 and Xbox with using ur RAGE Engine it Will be so cool
  • jarrettcyr1234Lego figs
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