This is how Jimmy Walker marks his Pro V1. How do you mark your Titleist? #TeamTitleist
  • titleistThis is how Jimmy Walker marks his Pro V1. How do you mark your Titleist? #TeamTitleist

  • webb2kscribble out the 'leist' with a black marker
  • elliotbillingsCircle around the ProV1
  • alexjamesmarinoCall of Duty: Ghosts?
  • vinfin11A blue dot underneath the number
  • j_gabriele26Blue dot under the number, red dot next to the T, light blue dot in the middle of the line up arrow
  • mistletoes@titleist usually a cart path scuff next to the logo
  • hholzmann_golfI put a pink line then a black one around my ball to line up then I put Phil 4:13 on the line.
  • hholzmann_golfJimmy walker is amazing! He lives in my city and is a great golfer!!!
  • stormealexanderA black dot next into the T, a red dot after tje last T and a blue dor over the E @titleist
  • db05wkflHAHAH @cad_klassen15 thanks for the laugh
  • timurashaBlack dot under number
  • nopetA ring around the number
  • mistabud7with a dick
  • jesse_t360Three blue dots beside the titleist and a blue line on both ends of the alignment integrated marking or (A.I.M)
  • sophiekiderlinPersinalized titleist solve it name is printed on all of mine :)
  • rara271My mate draws a big black dick on his to avoid 'who's ball is?' Looks crap but effective hahaha
  • bobbyparishCan i please have that awesome set.
  • bobbyparishPs. i would put three black dots next to the number like a triangle
  • gt_villaI put four dots in the shape of a cross
  • redding77How does Adam Scott mark his? @titleist
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