When you are under construction it's ideal to put on the hard-hat kids.- sdlr
  • shaynelamasWhen you are under construction it's ideal to put on the hard-hat kids.- sdlr

  • estefaniacostabile@silverskullsredroses Lindsay isn't too interesting either 😜 lol. I think Norah is a very pretty name.
  • estefaniacostabile@singwhenurwinning I agree Stef is a boring name. Thankfully that's not my name! Fewf!
  • estefaniacostabile@singwhenurwinning your a horrible person. Your account is fake. You are a sad person. I go by Stef because my name is Spanish and when I moved to Canada no one could pronounce it correctly. I will pray for you tonight though, in hopes you find peace with yourself.
  • estefaniacostabile@p00pballz my name is Estefania not Stefana. What is wrong with all you people?? Seriously???
  • estefaniacostabile@londonandleeds ESTEFANIA learn to read! I had nothing negative to say until I was insulted for no reason. I have the right to defend myself. I've never actually been part of a cyber bully conversation let alone an internet argument. This is pathetic. Insulting me by my looks, name, or where I am from is not going to hurt me. Say what you want. In the end we all know who the sad/depressed people are. The worst thing I said was that Lindsay was a boring name (and I write it with a silly emoticon and an "lol"). Then BAM ransoms start insulting me with mindless insults. @londonandleeds I will add you to my prayers tonight as well. @shaynelamas sorry for most likely annoying the shit out of your IG feed.
  • estefaniacostabileWrote* and randoms* before the grammar police gets me.
  • kelseykellertk3101@stefaniewinstan I'm slightly confused as to why these little girls are picking on you. Apparently they think calling people whores and bullying people they don't know via the internet is cool. Ha get a life.
  • jlmcmis@tassikwilliams
  • shopeatrest@silverskullsredroses whoever you might be, find another forum to infest your wickedness and lame attitude. Stop cyber bullying people and get some intense therapy. This is not the time or place
  • rsep1@shaynelamas So sorry for your loss. T&P for your family.
  • bo0bsandl0ubs@singwhenurwinning @silverskullsredroses pathetic losers much? @stefcostabile these twats are clearly jealous of your ambition and positivity. Typical negative moles who fight over the Internet because they are so pathetic. Lmao. Sad really. 😘😘😘😘😂😂😂😂👍
  • estefaniacostabile@silverskullsredroses is that all you got?? Your grammar police comebacks are lame. Be more creative. You are such a sad person. What did your parents do to you as a child???
  • bo0bsandl0ubs@mhbennies thank you 😘 I've never been one for cyber bullying. It's the act of the weak.
  • estefaniacostabile@singwhenurwinning shut the fuck up. I'm tired of your shit. No one cares what you have to say. I feel sorry for everyone who has to deal with you. Fuck sakes.
  • estefaniacostabileIf you weren't behind a keyboard I can bet my life you never would have said a single thing to begin with. I don't understand the high you must get from cyber bullying.
  • estefaniacostabile@p00pballz214 you have an account t just to cyber bully called p00pballz.....enough said.
  • angelina_original1We now know what @p00pballz214 did as a kid...who comes up with things like that? You and daddy huh :)
  • anissa77777God bless you during this time. Ignore the idiots. You are a beautiful person to many , mostly to God.
  • anissa77777@stefcostabile @shopeatrest so TRUE. Jiminy, respect yourself if you can't respect others.
  • anissa77777@silverskullsredroses Her business? Its just out of place and rude. So yes its public business. This poor girl ...you have no right to be mean. Wouldn't want terrible things to happen to you, God sees and doesn't like your hate.
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