That was a fun night. Thank you, @panicatthedisco.
  • mateofischerThat was a fun night. Thank you, @panicatthedisco.

  • ch1088Looks like a good time
  • nduppWhat r u gonna be doin Saturday of TwinsFest? I tried to meet u at a Twins game but had no luck.
  • mateofischer@epicwin1624 I'm going to be really out and about, but I'll be there essentially the whole day and it's pretty small, so when/wherever, let me know and we can meet up.
  • mateofischer@ch1088 It was. Very much so.
  • ndupp@mateofischer ill be in the Twins Clubhouse at 9:50. Would that work? If not, ill be at the K-TWIN radio stage (Q and A part of it) at 12:00. Just tell me what works for you.
  • nduppWould 9:50 In the Twins Clubhouse work? Sorry for interrupting you during TwinsFest.
  • ndupp@mateofischer I guess I'll just tell you where I am during the day. That ok with u?
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