Want to shop online? We have a 25% offer on our Facebook page, good for today only!
  • sallybeautyWant to shop online? We have a 25% offer on our Facebook page, good for today only!

  • vivalasvegaslorrie😉 what about your IG peeps👍
  • sallybeauty@vivalasvegaslorrie of course the sale is for you too! The offer is 25% on your online purchase of $50+. Use promo code 555308. Enjoy!
  • lowralamb@sallybeautysupply I see Over And Over A Gwen in this pic, but it's not on the site. Will you be carrying it?
  • drugstoredreamer@nouveaucheap
  • sallybeautyHi @lowralamb, the home page of our website has rotating pics. You can find her OPI collection by typing "Gwen" into the search bar.
  • lowralamb@sallybeautysupply I know that. I'm asking about the red that comes boxed with a sheet of nail art studs. It's not on the site. But the banner in your pic has it (7 bottles). The actual site only has 6.
  • liljonyeahWoopwoop!!! ♡♡
  • sallybeauty@lowralamb We're sorry for the confusion. The website has been updated and we will not be carrying Over & Over A-Gwen. We're just as disappointed as you are! If you email social@sallybeauty.com we'd like to make it up to you 😊
  • lowralamb@sallybeautysupply thanks!
  • karlacamach0I got a question. Can I return a nail polish??
  • karlacamach0I bought it in store and have the receipt. It's a fast drying topcoat and I used it once but wasn't satisfied with it. Can I return it?
  • joyroxygirlI need get some eyeshadow for spring .
  • sallybeauty@karlacamach0 Generally yes, you can return it if you have a receipt and it's within 60 days of purchase. However, it is up to the manager's discretion.
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