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  • bbcnewsProsecutors have confirmed that two people have died from bullet wounds following unrest in Kiev, Ukraine. Clashes began after police moved in to dismantle a protest camp. They are the first fatalities since protests over proposed EU membership began in November. Read the full story at: Bit.ly/ukraineprotest. [We are experimenting with a short form news service we’re calling #Instafax. We’d love to hear what you think.]

  • rastapan#resistukraine
  • matt.kGreat work! 👍 not entirely sure about the zoom out at end...feels abrupt and unsatisfying like I'm watching a longer piece that cut out.
  • rastapanin turkey, during the gezi resistance 6 young people killed by police #againsttofacisimweareone
  • projektorGreat feed, just get rid of the flatulent sound for the logo animation.
  • mmckennaGreat use of the medium, but lose the sfx on the end card. Too bad instagram doesn't allow active URLs in the description too
  • bbcnews@nikolayti: Thou... @stackwa, I agree. A link would be quite helpful. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn't allow links in its text. Maybe in the future! Thanks for the thoughts. @hellomrtaylor + @jolenelessard, very kind of you both. Thanks. @projektor, I was wondering when someone would say that. :) @mmckenna, going to try taking some of the sound off. Very unfortunate about the URL, yes. We might try changing the link in our profile to match each story throughout the day. What do you think about that?
  • whatiseeI think any link would be helpful for those that don't have the app. Can you link to your app off the profile? Very well done...I would reduce the text slightly, it ghost it a little more. Agree on losing some if the sound, but I think that adds to your uniqueness.
  • stackwa@bbcnews they do if you type it into the locations :)
  • venus_fallenEither keep the link in the description as short and simple as possible (rotate 3 redirects daily for the three stories. Ex: BBC.com/story1 Then change the link it redirects too daily with the first story of the day), or have all three links on the profile, adding them as the stories are released and clearing all three at the first story the next day. Great over all use of the medium though. @bbcnews
  • blopidoGreat stuff @bbcnews! I say a neat slide with the highlights of the day / month / hour / might be more useful and readily resharable. Video needs voice, terrible music. Could alternatively experiment with a news reader giving us highlights like on TV. Great stuff, nonetheless.
  • juls379I'm Ukrainian. It's messy and terrible in the downtown. The situation is absolutely out of control...everyone hopes it works out for the best.
  • maliksquaredDefinitely would prefer a voice over instead of the music, otherwise good job.
  • julielynnkellyShort is good for catch
  • julielynnkellyShort is good for keep up with the news when I have a busy day. I like your format.
  • tomy_thomsonGood stuff.
  • gil58This is great, a wonderful balance to the snippets of BS news prevalent on social media!
  • bbcnews@whatisee Thanks for the thoughts. Link to the story from our profile? We may try putting up all three links at the same time and simply replace those daily. @stackwa We tried typing the URL into locations. But that simply brought up a map. Maybe we're missing something? Thanks a ton, btw! @venus_fallen We may try putting all the links in the profile at the same time. That's a great idea. Thanks! @blopido Later, we're going to attempt a roundup of the day video - putting the day's top three stories into one. Stay tuned.... @maliksquared, you may be right. But not having a voiceover significantly cuts down on production time. We might try having one though next week. Not a bad idea. Thanks for watching. @jkelly005 + @gil58 Thanks for the kind words!
  • mmckennaHi, updating the profile link throughout the day seems like a reasonable hack to the problem. As you know, it will only point the the most recent posted link including on older posts which may help with traffic but may result in poor UX. Until Instagram fixes this matter that looks like your best option. It's early days still...
  • matthieurondel@benjamingirette
  • benjamingirette@lrebours : dans si futur pas si proche !
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