10 new Rockstar Verified Jobs added to #GTAOnline, including the #CreatorWeekend selections. More details at rockstargames.com/newswire
  • rockstargames10 new Rockstar Verified Jobs added to #GTAOnline, including the #CreatorWeekend selections. More details at rockstargames.com/newswire

  • dmvtttThey're not going to go away, they'll keep finding new ways to hack. That's what pains me. @pete_the_car_freak
  • lovelyxmkRockstar sucks! @rockstargames
  • lovelyxmkFix all ur gta online glitches! My car was insured but when it was destroyed I can't claim it back. 💔 #rockstaryousalame
  • andrewmarquez_@rockstargames when are u going to add heists?
  • marc30599For those who feel as though heist should be in GTA online should look at one reason heists aren't out yet and the main reason really is because some people who feel they need to cheat their way to riches in this game... Heist probably could've been out this week or next week but due to recent hacking and modding rockstar has to spend their time patching the game of hacks and mods ...instead of working on having heists out and working properly. And another thing.... You people complaining about the money you loss, stop it because it wasn't nobody's cash to begin with because it was hacked and unlegit cash so instead of wasting your time complaining you could be earning the cash by playing the game the way it was meant to be played......
  • instagramshinamsMaybe if game developers actually gave us FINISHED games, we wouldn't have had these glitches and modders so early. *cough* *cough*
  • tire_slayer_gtaRockstar gave us an unfinished game so stfu @marc30599
  • dillonrocks54Rockstar my Friend Just got Hacked by a guy Named Ryan03 and he can't join my games or nothing so could you help btw the guy that's getting hacked his name is DeftGnome28 Thank you 😊
  • vonn313Nice
  • jackkc13I've played all four of those! There sick!!!
  • brothersofthebladeNice
  • reltih_11@joe_golfer -_-
  • blakjellybean@illest_chris @speedster329
  • speedster329Lets get on again tonite @illest_chris @blakjellybean
  • _.tylerrrrr._@rockstargames you guys need to add Demolition Derby into Gta 5 online.
  • wasliwessVideo: Robot vs B.daman - Robot vs B.daman

  • forzagames@rockstargames please check out mine ! "Shadow Fall & Cross Country Racin'." I worked really hard on them! Thank you. 😀
  • ca.lebYeah I had 55 mil that I got legit over time and partially paid real money for, and fagstar left me with like 200k
  • chrisbartlett1You can add missions, but no heists...smh😕
  • klwilandWe're is prison thugs fight?
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