It's freezing outside but thanks to my brother Muhammad @stam1nalifestyle thank you for the gear I appreciate it
  • mowilkersonIt's freezing outside but thanks to my brother Muhammad @stam1nalifestyle thank you for the gear I appreciate it

  • mr.britoooBeast!
  • cal3b_U should be in the pro bow.… smh NFL is clueless
  • rjohann50Just got the green #96 jersey I'm gonna try to make it Saturday night to the APH downtown for your boys bday bash I'll wear it in if the bouncers let me lol @mowilkerson
  • ben.rubenstein30@cal3b_ It's not the NFL that's stupid, it's all of the fans who voted for JJ Watt who had a really bad year. That's why @mowilkerson isn't in Hawaii right now with Cromartie and Mangold.
  • jonnyiorioBeast bro
  • rjohann50Wow much respect to @vdavis23 for showing love to MO.. great season Vontae keep doing your thing up in Indy hope you get the contract you deserve
  • bklyn_cityU shovel any snow tonight Mo?
  • fonzny23You should be in Hawaii right now that's why!! You'll get them next year dude!! That was some BS and I know you got them next year!!
  • the_ali_babeLooks small broooo
  • mowilkerson@vdavis23 same too you big bra
  • shartofilisI love the jets. I have a movie out. Would appreciate any support from jets nation. #beachpillows
  • jmr_fitzIdzik needs to lock you up LONG term. I'm tired of buying my kids jerseys to have them sit in the closet. Thanks for a great season, your play made it fun to watch. #RexISBack
  • jackcattonSupposed to be in Hawaii.. Best in the league
  • quadeep83Bro what's going on?? I have opportunity doing the customized shades...Respond at your earliest convience
  • raheelthe2nd@mowilkerson ...Man you're the best D-Lineman in the got ROBBED by not going to the pro-bowl!!! It's ok though, I know you'll deliver that Super Bowl title next year in NYC!!! #JETS
  • bssilk911@mowilkerson your my favorite Jet, and you lived in The Edge and are friends with my brother Bryan Silk. Check my page for proof.
  • mikeyyy517@mowilkerson man you're a beast. Should of been in the pro bowl. Can you please reply back, ur will make my day
  • fortune1000@mowilkerson great season...
  • mowilkerson@fortune1000 thanks I appreciate it
  • cabanagrillnj😉👌
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