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  • reedtimmerHeaviest #snow I've ever seen in my life!!!! Lake effect snow machine full throttle in Gary, IN #winter #weather

  • promalleyI wish I was there! Looks like fun
  • stormchasernycThat looks intense!
  • jazzbeinmeCareful out there
  • hey_sordo@therealhankchinaski
  • stormchasernycI have never seen it snow that hard, wow!
  • juborottoWowwwwww
  • bekkah82That's lake effect for you...
  • mullet_the_kidWow!! We haven't even been touched here in Chesterton(porter county) will it makes it's way over here!? @reedtimmer
  • sunshine_bowen@roders2 I want to play in the snow 😁 lol
  • redsbasementI live south of Buffalo, NY. I've seen that all my life. Still beautiful and dangerous, though.
  • mehh333I love snow I wanna play in it
  • mehh333😜😝
  • devi.luna.skyeYou need to get to the snow belt in Ontario, lake effect snow squalls are another thing here. Two weeks ago we had blizzard conditions, you couldn't see 200 feet infront of you.
  • devi.luna.skyeBtw, you know it's bad when your car starts bottoming out on snow in the road or you get stuck in a 5-10 foot snowbank.
  • schwaby620" of snow in 6 hours!
  • dianejsWow!
  • floralengineerYuck. Hell with that white death. Blech!
  • marcenqnWow amazing
  • little_li_dSnowstorm driving in your neck of the woods is dark and gloomy, in Rhode Island the music and lights make snowstorm driving look fun. However, I could actually see in front of me in my video. Be safe
  • jaredsbroAlmost 0 visibility
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