Sole meunière at Astrid y Gaston
  • chefazSole meunière at Astrid y Gaston

  • lilififieldYummy
  • chinoruiz82@chefaz Grill Paiche I had that. Is part of the 20 course dinner for the 20 years of Astrid&Gaston everything was amazing!!!
  • smenagedSalt slabs?
  • metferIs this in Caracas ?
  • liv2telOMG! ***drool***
  • princess_alexisamore@metfer Miraflores Lima Perú ;)
  • peruvianchick@chefaz - Hello again from East Nashville where we just ran into you with Otaku South at Silly Goose. Great to see you have connected with @gastonacurio. Make sure you connect with @xtianbrav as well while you're in Peru. He and Gaston hail as the top 2 most celebrated chefs in the country. Salud!
  • zratealvaEn Perú. Que bien. Nice.
  • juan_valles77I took a taxi in miraflores 2 years ago and they try to kidnap me so be careful and the day after I went to another restaurant called la granja azul I think is a classic in town and one of the waitress of the restaurant stoled my wife bag when we were getting lunch so watch out buddy..
  • childrenofperuLooks fantastic!! Thks @chefaz !!
  • dysyz@buzzie75 look! @chefaz just got back fr Peru a week ago, and the lunch we had here was the longest lunch ever! Good food at #astridygaston
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