Kap's car: On the first day off of the offseason, QB's car is first in the lot.
  • mattbarrowsKap's car: On the first day off of the offseason, QB's car is first in the lot.

  • budded420And the grind continues... #bigger #faster #stronger
  • daylaa@49ers
  • fahadiqbal@adillywilly @rrukh
  • ricdiazishungryI hope he is practicing his throwing
  • diverse_that_be_me_Hes the new jim Kelly. .get to the big games and..pull a Romo. ...lmao....working out with out the rest of the team ant gonna get u guys no where...bum..
  • silence1534jesus christ, people. he makes mistakes and is training to be better, and you;re insulting him? what the fuck is wrong with you? do you clown on fat people at the gym for trying to lose weight? assholes.
  • raadiuslol @_reanimator_
  • caligrown_ca#NinerGang
  • drez32Nothing wrong with ppl talkin smack bout Kaep, Alex took all the blame even if it wasn't his fault. That's the pressure your going to get for being a 49ers QB. How you deal with it will make you better
  • mastersafaraI hope he puts everything and more into what it will take to be the best! @kaepernick7 Support him 100%!
  • louiep1982@Kaepernick7 is the man... Nice to see almost all of #NinerNation supporting Colin for once when we don't get the desired result. Some of the stuff last year really bothered me. He gets enough hate from the rest of the league... Also sick of the obvious hate and bias from the former players who are scared he might steamroll their records. Just once is like to watch a big game without Troy Aikman's blowhard comments; where he continuously offers Colin backhanded compliments, displays of distain for the kid, and constantly sets absurd standards for him.
  • louiep1982Don't be a fair-weather fan @drez32 Alex took blame when he couldn't make a play for 60 minutes in losses where allwe needed just one. Alex took blame when his first four seasons ended in train-wreak...
  • louiep1982@treecamp romo has been to a Super Bowl? And back to back NFC championship games. Just shut your mouth before someone slaps it.
  • drez32@4tfkn9rs how I'm I a fair weather fan? I spoke the truth and Kaep aint the man...yet! He still has a lot to learn and defeats and mistakes will only make him better. You can defend him all you want, which is fine I dont have a issue with fans backing up certain players but for some fans to call him a "king" or "god" and to shy away any blame from him just because they support him is not right either. He made mistakes and he man up to them and just by doing that I have more respect for him but to say he's "the man" sorry. Not yet for me Nywa
  • drez32anyway. He still has a lot to improve on and when he does, then he can be the man.
  • louiep1982There is no such thing as mistake free football. QB's make mistakes...but they aren't in that game with at least 2/3 of NFL QB's. Believe it
  • louiep1982If your expecting perfection...pick a new form of entertainment...he's "the man" as he will be the 49ers quarterback for a while. Support him if you want....but if you will only do that when he wins a Super Bowl, you're a fairweather fan.
  • louiep1982Why are you comparing him to Alex? Was Alex ever the man? Lol.
  • drez32When did I compare him to Alex? Lol yeah ok. You sound more like a bandwagon fan lol
  • louiep1982That's exactly what you did...
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